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Can Jagex identify gold farmer from real players?

Can Jagex distinguish between ordinary farmers and gold farmers?Is there a clear indication that an account is a gold seeker and only sells GP they earn?

I ask this because the method of making money is becoming more and more saturated by gold farmer .We take Zalcano as an example.For a relatively quiet time at release, you can find some teams, but it’s best to join Zalcano CC and ask who needs them.Now, every world you want to own has gold farmer .This has dramatically reduced the price of crystal tool seeds (I believe the price of a crystal tool is just over 10 million, which has now reached 750 k) and on agate.

I will give more examples, but most of us know how gold is planted.

This benefits inexpensive resources but hurts legitimate players who acquire GP through resource collection, which is an important component of RuneScape’s economic and general account development.Of course, ironmen are excluded from this dilemma because they cannot participate in economic activities, but 99% of the active player base is not ironmen.

To summarize my article, gold rush is not good for games.

Buying OSRS Gold Safe?

The gold farmer sells gold. Usually they are robots, but they can also be people in third world countries who make a few dollars an hour, make basic money on multiple accs, or make money, train or sell money.

I have heard some people call the profitable alternative Jinnong, but this is not an accurate description. Many people who compete in grades, professions, handicrafts, chefs, wyvrerns, zulrah, or other programs are dedicated to making money while specializing in training their main skills.

Robots are not necessarily gold planters.Many Bot users use their own ACC for Bot for various reasons.Gold seeker robots are usually disposable, short-lived, and can earn back margins and profit from them.

RuneScape is still growing, with OSRS being the main player.I will focus on OSRS because I have played it myself, but don’t ignore RS3.There are two main reasons why I play OSRS:

(1) Nostalgia — If you played RuneScape around 2004–2007 (RS2), then when you choose between OSRS and RS3, nostalgia becomes a big factor.Technically, OSRS are new games because they are new servers with old game content, but in fact, what you should look at is content, not when the game comes out.I played RuneScape when I was about 4 or 5 years old, but I can still recall vivid memories of playing games on my family’s worn-out old computers.I still remember the really inefficient training, just playing for fun, and being able to explore the vast World of RuneScape without having to worry about getting XP effectively.I will try to train too many things at once, trying to kill giant rats (strength, attack, defense, and life values), bury their bones (prayer), cut down trees (woodcut), use logs to set fire (fire making), and finally cook meat (cooking).When I returned to the game (in OSRS format), I still remembered the tinderbox icon in the list.So, yes, if you played games before, then nostalgia is an important factor.Otherwise, only blank space will be left when watching two games.

(2) Content — I initially thought the RS3 content was still similar to the game I played when I was very young, but when I returned to RuneScape for further research, I began to conclude that RS3 was a game that supported the existence of OSRS, but was not actually as good as Old Style.There’s an interesting relationship between these two games: OSRS objectively has better content (I’ll explain my point, I understand this is not true) and a larger player base, but RS3’s content is more embarrassing and financially worse, but RS3 has a microtrading function, so the old-fashioned must continue because many people look down on RS3, but for Jagex it mustThere is money to manage the game.However, because I think the actual content of RS3 is poor, I play the open-minded while being open-minded, and realize that RS3 is not a junk game, which is what the old school must exist.

Now actually explain the content of these two games and why I think Old School is better (this is not a graph of strengths and weaknesses, I would basically prefer Old School, but would not lie to any one of the games):


Bad economic conditions, no one really makes money by trading on big exchanges, because everyone just invests a lot of money in the game (yes, apparently most people use GE, but with the game crowd who actually have the resources to trade on GE; simple rule of thumb for a “standard” economy: the more transactions, the healthier the economy

I know a lot of people will disagree with what I do according to my choice, but when I say “nobody”, it means less than the old-fashioned (per cent of players)

There really is no point in getting rich.If you have $100 million or even $1 billion, that’s not so impressive — it’s not good for the economy, because most successful economic examples in the real world have only a few people in the rich/upper class; in RS3, if you’re not rich, you’re a few

Not until you reach the highest level of achievement — seriously, everyone in RS3 reaches the highest level, and like the economy and the upper class, if you do not reach the highest level, then you are in a minority (for a grumpy, MMORPG-like person is not a good thing to push players to the limit of the game, and very few people can achieve this (Not true in the case of RS3)) — Does getting 99 mean nothing until you have the advantage of 99 for all your accounts?

The content and the fight are awkward — the new fight is cool (I don’t think 0w0) is controversial, but it’s hard to say that the new content introduced in the game is cool.Skills such as divination make no sense. Do they really have to rename HP to the Constitution?

If I want to use skills in combat, play MOBA

Multiplying all damage and life by 10 makes it difficult to determine what benefits the new player will have.Veterans of the RS3 can easily tell how much damage has been caused

PvP is not a problem

Graphics hurt your eyes


By polling, adding new content is completely democratic — players can directly feedback what they want to the team

Excellent PvP community and content creators (more YouTubers and others)

Ownership, Skills and Mergers — all of which are more stable in the economy

NPCs with personality and personality can make tasks interesting (RS3 shares some of these interesting tasks, but Old School publishes more tasks that RS3 does not have)

The economy and sharpening of the entire game to achieve its goals, so that before and even after maximization, there are countless goals to achieve

Seeing the largest cloak is rare, while the most powerful items are actually rare/expensive

Obviously, there is a lot missing from both lists, RS3 is not a terrible game that you should not consider playing (I just point out its weakest quality); it is still RuneScape, but it seems that many people hate it because it has changed a lot since 2006 and 07, as far as I know.

Am I OSRS Supremacist?Yes.

I think RS3 is bad?A bit of

Try two games and find adventure and fun in both!

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