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Don’t expect Jagex to help you.

Don’t forget that although they have banned thousands of innocents over the years, their ban system has never been wrong, which has made their training and time redundant over the years, and they all smile.

If Jagex admitted that they had made mistakes, then they would have to admit that they had caused enormous suffering over the years and had destroyed too much hard work by arrogantly refusing to consider themselves wrong.

Similar things happened to me and a friend in 2006.I traded her $90 million for gifts (I became incredibly rich from betting and 99 crafts), and then we were all banned from perming.”We have evidence that you have made a real deal,” Jagges said.Oh, of course, how could they be wrong?Of course, they did everything right!It is ironic to insist that they may make mistakes.No, Jagex is actually perfect, every ban makes sense, and everyone who complains about the ban is just caught.Absolutely.

When it comes to this, Jagex fucks me.Over the years, they banned too many innocent people, but they adhered to the LIE principle that their detection system could not go wrong.

This is nonsense, they know, they just don’t care.They don’t care about all the work you put in, nor do they care if all this is taken away from you for no reason.As long as they get membership money, they shrug and say, “Oh, we didn’t make a mistake, our system is so good,” and then ignore you forever.

They are a real social company.

Sincere — former ignorant player, but perms have been banned.But apparently, because I’m complaining that I’m actually a bitter person, isn’t it a Jagex fan?

Zarkano Fights Gold farming

Do not dense, the seeds of crystal tools will never retain any proper value.

First, you need to use dpick to create a crystal pick, making the finished pick more valuable than dpick because it is a component.And tool seeds are still more expensive than axes and forks.

Secondly, crystal tools are quite expensive to use.They use 1 Crystal fragment and can be considered 2.5×6500 ATM if 100 uses equals 16250.Taking MLM as an example, for deposited ore, MLM equals about 6K + about 2K exp.Equal to 2gp/xp, when you started using crystals at level 71, it now costs you 12 219 986*2 = about 24.5 million to 99.

Third, there are not many use cases of crystal tools.

Crystal Harpoon: People usually fish advanced fish for profit from alternative fish. Who will cut their profits by charging?

Crystal Pick: Look at the second point.It is also completely useless in granite tick mining.That means exp freaks don’t want it, and AFK people have to pay.

Crystal Axle: Look at mahogany, many times AFK > EXP rate, so why is almost everyone using Hell Axle.

I love playing OSRS and buying gold

I believe that older Runescape currently has more active players, and it seems that whenever I play games, I see more than 1k+ people on most servers (authorized zombie issues are still a big problem in osrs), and whenever I log in to Runescape 3 I log in I take refugeHundreds of people will not be seen on the server at once for a long time unless new content is released.Both games are incredible, but OSRS seem to be more attractive, especially for the game’s veterans.I believe that the main problem with RS3 is not lack of content, but on the contrary, I believe that too much content unintentionally makes the game much easier than osrs, and most players, including myself, are looking for achievements that will not devalue over time (Jagex basically wins rs3) and challenges.Something like power creep, inflation also happened in rs3, but OSRS have not been destroyed yet.

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