Timeclasp PoE Build Guide & Price – Moonstone Ring

Timeclasp Timeclasp is a unique Moonstone Ring. Requires Level 22. Popularity: <0.1%.

PoE Timeclasp Build Stats

Name Total stats
  • (10-15)% increased Attack Speed
  • (5-10)% increased Cast Speed
Energy Shield +(30-50) to maximum Energy Shield
Mana 15% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
Temporal Chains Temporal Chains Temporal Chains Temporal Chains has 50% reduced Effect on you

The best use of Timeclasp Timeclasp is to build a Cyclone Cyclone skill in PoE 3.8.

Timeclasp Price

In the PoE Trade marketplace, the price of Timeclasp Timeclasp Moonstone Ring is a Vaal Orb Vaal Orb.

Timeclasp Price

Timeclasp Upgrade Vendor Recipe

This item is used by upgrade paths or vendor recipes to create the following items:

Outcome Amount Ingredient Ingredient
Timetwist Timetwist 1 A Rift in Time Prophecy reward
1 Timeclasp Timeclasp N/A

A Rift in Time

A Rift in Time is a prophecy.
Objective: Kill Riftwalker in Laboratory Map while holding Timeclasp Timeclasp.
Reward: Upgrades Timeclasp Timeclasp to Timetwist Timetwist upon completion.

Timeclasp Farming – How to get it?

You can obtain it by killing monsters, farming divination cards. However, these are not guaranteed. The best way to get it is exchanging currency items.

Amount Ingredient General
5 Hubris random Ring
7 Blind Blind Venture random corrupted Ring
4 Jack in the Box random item
8 Arrogance of the Vaal random corrupted item


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Rings

Moonstone Ring Unique Versions

Item Drop Level
Shavronne’s Revelation Shavronne’s Revelation 30
Timeclasp Timeclasp 22
Heartbound Loop Heartbound Loop 20
Valyrium Valyrium 38
Timetwist Timetwist 64

Timeclasp Version history

  • Increased Cast Speed mod increased to 5-10%.
  • Maximum Energy Shield mod increased to 15-25.
  • No longer has Reduced Mana Reduced Mana Regeneration mod.
  • Now has 15% Increased Mana Regeneration mod.
  • Reduced Temporal Chains Temporal Chains Effect on Self mod increased to 50%.
  • Changes can be obtained by rerolling the item’s mods with a Divine Orb Divine Orb.

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