PoE Call to Arms Skill Gem Support Gem 3.24

In Path of Exile: Necropolis, you can automate many Instant Skills and Warcries with two new Skills Gems, Automation and Call to Arms.

We are adding two new Skill Gems in 3.24 Automation and Call to Arms. These Skill Gems can be toggled on to autocast linked instant skills the moment they’re off cooldown. We've removed the capacity to bind any instant skills to left click as a result. This not only allows you to retain the same behaviour as before, but it will now autocast the skills while you are stationary. Players who use a gamepad will appreciate this one.

  • Added a new Strength Skill Gem - Call to Arms: While this skill is active, supported warcries will be repeatedly triggered, and all your warcry skills will share cooldowns. Supports warcry skills. Cannot modify the skills of minions.

PoE Call to Arms Gem

PoE Call to Arms Support Call to Arms is a new Strength Skill Gem.

Call to Arms

Tags: Warcry, Trigger, Spell. Level: (1–20). Cooldown Time: 0.60 sec. Cast Time: Instant.

Requires Level (24–70), (58–155) Str

While this skill is active, a supported warcry will be repeatedly triggered, and all your warcry skills will share cooldowns.

  • A Supported Warcry will Trigger when their Cooldown is over
  • All your Warcries share their Cooldowns

Call to Arms Support

Cost & Reservation Multiplier: 150%. Cooldown Time: 0.20 sec.

Supports warcry skills. Cannot modify the skills of minions.

  • Supported Skills have (11–30)% reduced Cooldown Recovery Rate
  • Supported Warcries are Triggered when their Cooldowns are over

Additional Effects From 1-20% Quality: Supported Skills have (0–5)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate.

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

PoE Call to Arms Support level 20

How to get it?

  • Call to Arms is now purchasable from Clarissa by the Marauder, Duelist, Templar and Scion for completing Lost in Love.

Necropolis Quality of Life: Automation & Call to Arms Skill Gems

PoE Call to Arms Necropolis Build 3.24

Call to Arms in Path of Exile is a support gem, not a direct attack skill. It empowers your warcry skills, transforming them into a continuous stream of buffs and effects. Here's a breakdown of its functionality:

Continuous Warcry Onslaught: While Call to Arms is active, any warcry skills you've linked to it will automatically trigger whenever their cooldown finishes. This essentially creates a loop of warcry effects, providing a constant stream of benefits.

Shared Cooldown Harmony: Another crucial aspect of Call to Arms is that it makes all your linked warcries share a single cooldown. This means using one warcry puts all your linked warcries on cooldown as well. However, with the constant triggering from Call to Arms, they all come back online together, creating a synchronized warcry symphony.

Reduced Cooldown Recovery: While it might seem counterintuitive due to the shared cooldown, Call to Arms also offers a slight benefit. Supported warcry skills have an 11% reduced cooldown recovery rate. This means the base cooldown of your warcries is slightly lower, allowing them to potentially trigger more frequently within the Call to Arms loop.

Who Needs Call to Arms?

This support gem is a powerful tool for builds that heavily rely on warcries for their offensive and defensive buffs. Here are some aspects to consider when incorporating Call to Arms:

  • Warcry Selection: Choose warcries that synergize well with each other and your overall build strategy. Consider warcries that offer offensive buffs like increased attack speed, damage buffs, or defensive benefits like endurance charges or damage reduction.
  • Mana Management: Since Call to Arms triggers warcries frequently, you'll need to manage your mana effectively. Consider using passive skills or gear that grants mana regeneration or reduces the mana cost of warcries.
  • Activation Strategy: Decide when to activate Call to Arms strategically. For sustained combat, keeping it active can be beneficial. However, for situations requiring a burst of power, activating it just before a boss fight can unleash a rapid succession of warcry effects.

By mastering the art of warcry orchestration with Call to Arms, you can transform your warcry-focused build into a force to be reckoned with in Path of Exile.

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1. Acquire Call to Arms Support Gem:

  • This gem can be dropped by monsters, found in chests, or bought from other players through trading.

2. Link Call to Arms with your Warcry Gems:

  • In your skill bar, you'll have sockets where you can place gems. Link the Call to Arms support gem with the specific warcry gems you want it to affect.

3. Activate the Call to Arms:

  • Once linked, activating the Call to Arms gem will trigger the linked warcry whenever its cooldown finishes. All your linked warcries will also share a cooldown.

4. Consider Quality:

  • A higher quality Call to Arms gem (up to 20%) will slightly decrease the cooldown recovery rate of your linked warcries, allowing them to trigger more frequently.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Choose your Warcries: Decide which warcries best suit your build and link them with Call to Arms. Popular options include Intimidating Cry for defense, Enduring Cry for Endurance Charges, or Rallying Cry for buffs.
  • Mana Cost: Call to Arms has a mana cost, so factor that into your build's mana regeneration or use mana cost reduction techniques.
  • Build Synergy: Evaluate how Call to Arms fits with your overall build strategy. While it automates warcries, it also consumes a gem slot and adds mana cost.

Level 1 Example

PoE Call to Arms Support gem

Call to Arms Keystone

PoE 3.24: The Call To Arms Keystone Passive Skill has been renamed to Warlord’s Call. It now provides “Warcries no longer Exert Attacks” and “Warcries also grant their buff to nearby allies” (previously “Using Warcries is Instant” and “Warcries share their Cooldown”).

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