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From many Reddit users, Aoeah is one of the best places to buy PoE currency(using a coupon: AOE or JAN6).

According to your domestic law, buying poe currency is not completely illegal, only prohibited by game developers (GGG). If you’re a regular player and RMT with other players with a small amount of Poe money, it’s basically OK. It is recommended that you deal as if you were the person selling the orbs, for example, pretending to sell him a rare/unique item. Just ask him if he still wants the < item > for < currency >, and no one will doubt you. However, if you buy from a large store, the risk increases and you may find yourself trapped in the GGG radar. I prefer to use u4gm, which is a player to a player market where you can choose trading partners. And I also like the layout of the website — it makes me feel comfortable shopping there;)

Reddit Reviews: Does GGG ban RMT?

I have watched a Reddit friend be “warned” by GGG for RMT and maphack, as well as 6 client multi-boxing. 6 months later and he’s still doing it.

GGG does not care, despite the flip-service they pay to the subreddit on occasion. Bonus fun fact: he considers RMT “convenience” and not “cheating”. It’s amazing what goes through the average RMTer’s head.

GGG warns RMTers they don’t ban and when they warn they just switch their JSP/PA account. GGG doesn’t ban RMTers simply because the RMTers buy MTX and supporter packs. If you didn’t support the game they will just ban you.

Earn PoE currency as others do(From Reddit)

Most people who make these videos on YouTube are not super efficient at making money. Finally, in his last video, the path of math said what I always said. Those videos are really bad at the end, and misleading. Sirgog is a great contributor and I love his videos and watch them everywhere. But he did say that he never showed a full mirror in the league. So, he can tell you that you should be quick to farm instead of taking jewelers, chrome or rare items, but I make a lot of money and I like to pick up rare items because it’s part of the fun of the game for me. Alas, I often mention to adjust the strict filtering conditions to show many deleted contents, such as blue jewelry, white map (burial and city square sell better and sell more than many red maps) and some very interesting div cards (a div card can bring you 5–7% life, August and rich jewelry can bring good regular profits; Another div card hidden can provide you with ilvl100 rare ring… It often brings me ilvl100 opal ring, otherwise, it’s hard for me to get. Compared with this card, I got a higher ilvl opal ring on this card).

Therefore, will make you lose money, blind money will make you lose money, trading macros will make you lose money, and listening to youtube videos of those who can’t make money may mislead you. Now, it’s important to use some tools to get a sense of what’s worth it, but remember that people who make money often make money from less.

So what is a niche market? Well, you can walk around and get a purchase order for cold fossils, where you each give 1c and then sell it back for 4C. Others say a large sale premium. You can also use these fossils. In addition, having a purchase order is a dual purpose. I bought the golden ball because I need it. I don’t need a lot of money. To some extent, that has no purpose for me. However, if you have enough money in the early leagues to enrich something, do I suggest you consider using other high-value currencies that are not high prices? So, for example, it’s a good deal to buy these goods at a price of 6–7c. People can tell you to buy noble spheres, but this is my very simple mathematical method. If you check the high price, they’ve reached 100C / C, while those sacred spheres are 7C / C. What’s the best of both? To be sure, the value of the ball will treble, but the high ball will not. Therefore, when a sacred ball is worth 7C, if I do find a noble ball when I cultivate it, I will sell it like 15 times the sacred ball, which is more profitable for me than to keep this noble ball. It’s just a choice, but remember that. The money will never go away, but your decision to use one currency instead of another will reduce your overtime profits. For you, it’s not very time-consuming to change some high price currencies (chaos balls, alchemy balls) into low price currencies (most of them) as soon as possible. The difficulty here is to maintain everything. So if you run out of chaos, it’s hard to have the means to buy because everyone is looking to sell almost everything else for chaos and promotion.

Look, it’s not just flipping. About understanding that what you have is the sum of all the resources you are collecting. I’m a new player, so I tend to be tireless in the game. I don’t do a lot of cassia seed, but I do want to eat those rare oils. So I put out a bunch of purchase orders to get them. A few days before the end of the blight, I had 40 kinds of gold essential oil sold to me to replace them with 80 noble spheres. I will continue to buy them at a high price every two times for a period of time until the price goes up so much that I can’t continue to buy them. So I started selling products that I didn’t know what their future value was. So I have to buy them at about 305C every day, the day after they are worth 400C, the day after they fly at 500C In the end, I’ve been making my price the worst. Someone wants to buy them at three extra prices. But they have sold them for 500C, 520c or more. Remember, all I did was buy 50 of them at a premium of about 100 In the next 2–3 days, as we neared the end of the league, the price went crazy. More interestingly, if I had done it earlier, they would have spent £ 1 two weeks before the end of the league.

So what am I doing there? I want to eat the gold oil that I don’t grow. I think they can be bought for £ 100. Then, I sold something so that the purchase cost little. It’s the same logic that I use Val ball. In one league, I will use thousands of them. As a result, I buy more than I need, so I can keep using them and then sell some more over time. Remember that these oils are considered money, so you buy them because you think they will remain valuable and become more valuable in the future. The real future could be for two days. You can also save a large number of currencies in different tags. So maybe you have a div card worth 100, uniqueness worth 100, fragments worth 100, and so on. You sell everything because it’s a waste of time. For example, I got a doctor’s card, which I could put in the diviner’s safe at the end of the league, but I decided not to sell it because of its low value at that time. I don’t need money either, so I still have money.

The advice of Reddit users for farming currency fast

3.9 will be my fourth League, and I think my understanding of mechanics can finally be passed. My goal in this league is to get enough money to attract headhunters because I want to try this stupid way.

Game style. I don’t really care about completing the atlas, beating the UE, exploring new mechanisms or going deep (each a goal of the past League). With that in mind, how can I maximize my currency at the start / first week of the league? I can spend about 24 hours on the first weekend and about 64 hours in the first 7 days.

My current options / plans:

1) To reach the speed level of the blood transfusion pipeline (about 6 hours for me), to the farm humility card of tabras (the opening of tabras with a weekend value of about 20c), to change all C’s into divine power (the beginning of the league is less than 6c), to league and remove the privileges of the clergy as if waiting within 2 months. What I’m building here is just a “blood and water deflector” to achieve speed, with no choice (light traps or things that wipe the entire area with four links).

Why gods? -The initial value of gods such as the sublime has tripled in relation to chaos. Unlike high prices, you can invest earlier at a lower purchase cost (day 3’s holy price is 6C, super high price is 80C). Ancient spheres/rings / sulfite scarabs / native resonators / a few other items also meet this standard. Noble pieces cost less, but they don’t appreciate much, but I can accumulate them and convert them. The problem is that most people who sell high priced pieces sell 1, and you spend more time trading than killing creatures of value. Other items (Doctor/nurse card/mirror fragments) that appreciate at similar prices and are more expensive than super value need a lot of C to enter. People in the RMT / robot farms may belong to this asset category, so I don’t want to be.

2) Just make an MF build (a tornado kills the eye), and then pick a map and run it with a valuable but easy-to-use augur card (a Kom heart card on a volcano; or landing on a beach). Obviously, it will take longer and add to the trouble of map maintenance/purchase, and require me to buy expensive equipment at the beginning of the League (customers > 2 ex at the beginning of the League). But if I do my best, it will probably get the smoothest monetary return over time. It will also be very boring. And I will be forced to complete the A1-A10 for at least two other sextants.

3 (current plan) merge 1 and 2 until I make enough money.

4) The only point of building one was to kill normal atziri and plant her the moment I left A10 and made my final ascent. I think the fall of atziiri will be more valuable throughout the alliance. First of all, mortal shards will be the key to getting atziri’s dissent, which I think will be one of the best distinctions in the league. Second, doriani’s catalyst is always valuable at the start of the league. However, its value will decline rapidly, so if I can’t get rid of atziri reliably after 10 hours, I’m not sure it’s worth it. This option seems to be the most interesting one I’ve come up with, because I love atziri’s fight, and in fact, it’s very stressful.

5) Make MF Table 3, but sit in T6 tomb, I hope I can get a div card in 200 runs. Run 1600 League maps and die.

6) Record the goal as a league goal, then let enoug exalts merge with my standard hideout and buy it in standard I’ve got 40 in the standard. If I don’t get enough ex in two months, I will.

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