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Guys, the new NBA 2K22 is definitely worth it! You can now buy and play the game (even if it’s officially released in a few weeks). You will be surprised by the improvements in game engine and AI.

Remember the stupid single dribbling and shooting style games / strategies used by many players? Okay… Now it’s a little difficult to play like this. Artificial intelligence is better, not easy to dribble and score, you will have to play more organic, pass more, use basketball plan This is really great!

We have a long history of teams and players, we have a long history of teams and decades There are now 68 teams with a long history, ranging from 1950 to 2010.

AI learned to defend better. There is a way to fight against the most valuable players in the other team. There is also a way to protect the fence, which is called “fence” and “protective fence”.

When you launch an attack, AI will get a new function called “dynamic freelancer engine”, which enables teammates to move on the field, so you can play passing games and more natural games without actually playing. In this way, it’s much easier to play, and everything is more intuitive.

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