Unbearable Whispers Prophecy PoE 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Inya’s Key

Unbearable Whispers is a five-part prophecy chain. Completing it drops Inya’s Key Inya’s Key, a component required to enter The Pale Court.


  • Unbearable Whispers I
  • Unbearable Whispers II
  • Unbearable Whispers III
  • Unbearable Whispers IV
  • Unbearable Whispers V
Prophecy Objective Reward Notes Seal
Unbearable Whispers I Locate a Dark Tome in The Library. On activation, a pack of monsters will spawn.   You will discover a tome in the Library. 5
Unbearable Whispers II Slay the unique monster Whisperer’s Attendant on one of the floors in The Sceptre of God. There are three floors to The Sceptre of God, so make sure to check all of them.

How to find it: The Sceptre of God is in act 3. You can run through the area until you see a red mark on the mini map (like the one marking objectives in daily missions) to identify the mob you need to kill.

  You will discover a tome upon slaying a monster in the Sceptre of God. 6
Unbearable Whispers III Slay Shavronne in one of the following locations and destroy the dropped Tome.

  • Shavronne of Umbra in  The Harvest, Act 4
  • Shavronne the Returned in Shavronne’s Tower, Act 6
  • Shavronne, Unbound in The Rotting Core, Act 9
  • Liantra in Tower Map
  • Gisale, Thought Thief in Scriptorium Map
  • Shavronne the Sickening in Cells Map
  You will slay Shavronne, and she will drop a tome. 7
Unbearable Whispers IV Kill a certain rare monster and the tome it drops to complete.   You will slay a certain powerful monster and it will drop a tome. 8
Unbearable Whispers V A Whispering Tome will be found in the Labyrinth Treasure Room. Kill Inya, the Unbearable Whispers, who will appear after the Dark Tome’s defeat. Inya, the Unbearable Whispers will drop Inya’s Key Inya’s Key when defeated. You will discover a dangerous tome in the final chamber of the Labyrinth. 9

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Unbearable Whispers Example

Unbearable Whispers Example

Access to The Pale Court by using Inya’s Key

Place in the correct order inside the Map Device to access The Pale Court:

Outcome Ingredient Map Device Order
The Pale Court 1x Volkuur’s Key Volkuur’s Key top left
1x Inya’s Key Inya’s Key bottom left
1x Eber’s Key Eber’s Key top right
1x Yriel’s Key Yriel’s Key bottom right

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