Yriel’s Key

Yriel’s Key Yriel’s Key is a map fragment. When put into a map device along with the other three fragments, it will create six portals to The Pale Court.

Place in the correct order inside the Map Device to access The Pale Court:

Outcome Ingredient Map Device Order
The Pale Court 1x Volkuur’s Key Volkuur’s Key top left
1x Inya’s Key Inya’s Key bottom left
1x Eber’s Key Eber’s Key top right
1x Yriel’s Key Yriel’s Key bottom right

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Yriel’s Key Prophecy

The Feral Lord V is a prophecy. It is the last part of The Feral Lord prophecy chain.

Objective: You will find a Rhoa in a Mud Geyser Map which, when killed makes Yriel, the Feral Lord appear, who you have to defeat.

Reward: Yriel, the Feral Lord will drop Yriel’s Key Yriel’s Key when defeated. Or sometimes, Reach of the Council Reach of the Council. Moreover the map would spawn the clickable object to unlock of Weaponcraft crafting mod.

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