The Whiteout PoE

1. The Whiteout

The Whiteout is a divination card. A set of eight can be exchanged for Cospri’s Malice Cospri’s Malice.

Outcome Amount Ingredient General
Cospri’s Malice Cospri’s Malice 8 The Whiteout Cospri’s Malice Cospri’s Malice

How to get The Whiteout Div cards?

It can be acquired from the following monsters: Stonebeak, Battle Fowl(location: Canyon map). The drop level of The Whiteout is 1.

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The Whiteout

2. Cospri’s Malice

Cospri’s Malice Cospri’s Malice is a unique Jewelled Foil. Requires Level 68, 212 Dex, 257 Int.

  • +25% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
  • Trigger a Socketed Cold Spell on Melee Critical Strike
  • No Physical Damage
  • Adds (80-100) to (160-200) Cold Damage
  • Adds (40-60) to (90-110) Cold Damage to Spells
  • (8-14)% increased Attack Speed
  • +257 Intelligence Requirement
  • 60% increased Critical Strike Chance against Chilled Enemies

3. List of Ritual 3.13 New Divination Cards

Div Cards Stack
Acclimatisation 2 20x Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration
Brotherhood in Exile 5 One With Nothing One With Nothing
Draped in Dreams 5 Six-Linked Body Armour
Item Level: 100
Influenced Item
Dying Light 10 Diamond Ring
Item Level: 100
Shaper + Elder Item
Fateful Meeting 9 League-Specific Item
Double-Influenced Item
Haunting Shadows 4 Metamorph Item
Keeper’s Corruption 7 Eldritch Bone Helmet
(Concentrated Effect)
Item Level: 89
Elder Item
Love Through Ice 4 Unnatural Instinct Unnatural Instinct
Reckless Ambition 6 Omeyocan Omeyocan
Society’s Remorse 1 10x Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration
The Astromancer 7 The Eternity Shroud The Eternity Shroud
The Bear Woman 6 Fecund Ursine Pelt
Warlord Item
The Long Watch 3 The Vigil The Vigil
The Patient 8 The Nurse The Nurse
The Whiteout 8 Cospri’s Malice Cospri’s Malice

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