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Impossible Escape Viridian Jewel

Impossible Escape Impossible Escape is a unique Viridian Jewel. Requires Level 20. Limited to: 1. Radius: Small (800).

  • Passives in Radius of <Keystone> can be Allocated without being connected to your tree

Flavour text: She was the last of countless progeny bred to test the limits of limitless power. In the cosmic prison of her birth, her siblings fought each other to the death for supremacy. She alone reached her limit… and broke through.

Place into an allocated Jewel Socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right click to remove from the Socket.

Impossible Escape PoE

How to get Impossible Escape?

  • 「The Maven」Limited Drop
  • It cannot be chanced.

Impossible Escape Build Guide

This unique jewel was designed by Steelmage. It drops from The Maven. The jewel refers to a random keystone on your passive skill tree and enables you to be able to allocate passives within a radius around that keystone, without them being connected to the rest of the tree. While the keystone itself cannot be allocated, this jewel allows you to jump across great distances on the passive tree in a very skill-point-efficient way.

Impossible Escape Build PoE

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This item has different variations based on which Keystone it generates with. The jewel drops corrupted and cannot be Divined.

Usage of the jewel has the following restrictions:

  • The jewel slot itself must be connected to the tree.
  • You cannot remove the jewel from its jewel socket as long as unconnected passives remain in the range.
  • Allocating a passive inside the jewels range does not allow to allocate the next passive in line outside the radius if that one isn't connected to the tree. So the jewel can't be used to bridge connections to other passives outside its radius.
  • Jewel sockets cannot be allocated using this jewel.
  • The player cannot allocate the Keystone itself unless the nodes connecting to it also connect to the class starting area. The radius of the jewel excludes the Keystone itself.

Masteries: You cannot allocate masteries by allocating its notable only, similar to Anointing.

List of Keystone Passive Skill

Keystones are unique and powerful passive skill nodes that significantly impact the way a character is played.

Name Stats
Minion Instability
Minions Explode when reduced to Low Life, dealing 33% of their Life as Fire Damage to surrounding Enemies
Share Endurance, Frenzy and Power Charges with nearby party members
Modifiers to Chance to Suppress Spell Damage instead apply to Chance to Dodge Spell Hits at 50% of their value
Maximum Chance to Dodge Spell Hits is 75%
Iron Reflexes
Converts all Evasion Rating to Armour. Dexterity provides no bonus to Evasion Rating
Resolute Technique
Your hits can't be Evaded
Never deal Critical Strikes
Unwavering Stance
Cannot Evade enemy Attacks
Cannot be Stunned
Chaos Inoculation
Maximum Life becomes 1, Immune to Chaos Damage
Eldritch Battery
Spend Energy Shield before Mana for Skill Mana Costs
Energy Shield protects Mana instead of Life
50% less Energy Shield Recharge Rate
Blood Magic
Removes all mana
Skills Cost Life instead of Mana
Skills Reserve Life instead of Mana
Spend Life instead of Mana for effects of Skills
Necromantic Aegis
All bonuses from an Equipped Shield apply to your Minions instead of you
Pain Attunement
30% more Spell Damage when on Low Life
Elemental Equilibrium
Hits that deal Elemental Damage remove Exposure to those Elements and inflict Exposure to other Elements
Exposure inflicted this way applies -25% to Resistances
Iron Grip
Strength's Damage bonus applies to Projectile Attack Damage as well as Melee Damage
Point Blank
Projectile Attack Hits deal up to 30% more Damage to targets at the start of their movement, dealing less Damage to targets as the projectile travels farther
Arrow Dancing
40% more chance to Evade Projectile Attacks
20% less chance to Evade Melee Attacks
Ancestral Bond
You can't deal Damage with Skills yourself
+1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems
Ghost Reaver
Leech Energy Shield instead of Life
Maximum total Energy Shield Recovery per second from Leech is doubled
Cannot Recharge Energy Shield
Vaal Pact
Total Recovery per second from Life Leech is doubled
Maximum total Life Recovery per second from Leech is doubled
Life Regeneration has no effect
Zealot's Oath
Life Regeneration is applied to Energy Shield instead
Avatar of Fire
50% of Physical, Cold and Lightning Damage Converted to Fire Damage
Deal no Non-Fire Damage
Mind Over Matter
30% of Damage is taken from Mana before Life
Elemental Overload
Skills that have dealt a Critical Strike in the past 8 seconds deal 40% more Elemental Damage with Hits and Ailments
Your Critical Strikes do not deal extra Damage
Ailments never count as being from Critical Strikes
Perfect Agony
Modifiers to Critical Strike Multiplier also apply to Damage over Time Multiplier for Ailments from Critical Strikes at 50% of their value
30% less Damage with Hits
Crimson Dance
You can inflict Bleeding on an Enemy up to 8 times
Your Bleeding does not deal extra Damage while the Enemy is moving
50% less Damage with Bleeding
-1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems
You can have an additional Brand Attached to an Enemy
Wicked Ward
Energy Shield Recharge is not interrupted by Damage if Recharge began Recently
40% less Energy Shield Recharge Rate
Mortal Conviction
You can only have one Permanent Non-Banner Aura on you from your Skills
Your Non-Banner Skills that create Permanent Auras on you do not Reserve Life
Call to Arms
Using Warcries is Instant
Warcries share their Cooldown
Eternal Youth
50% less Life Regeneration Rate
50% less maximum Total Life Recovery per Second from Leech
Energy Shield Recharge instead applies to Life
Glancing Blows
Chance to Block Attack Damage is doubled
Chance to Block Spell Damage is doubled
You take 65% of Damage from Blocked Hits
Wind Dancer
20% less Attack Damage taken if you haven't been Hit by an Attack Recently
40% more Evasion Rating if you have been Hit by an Attack Recently
20% more Attack Damage taken if you have been Hit by an Attack Recently
The Agnostic
Maximum Energy Shield is 0
While not on Full Life, Sacrifice 20% of Mana per Second to Recover that much Life
Supreme Ego
You can only have one Permanent Aura on you from your Skills
Auras from your Skills do not affect Allies
Auras from your Skills have 50% more Effect on you
50% more Reservation of Skills
Imbalanced Guard
100% chance to Defend with 200% of Armour
Maximum Damage Reduction for any Damage Type is 50%
The Impaler
When your Hits Impale Enemies, also Impale other Enemies near them
Inflict 4 additional Impales on Enemies you Impale
For 4 seconds after you Impale Enemies, they cannot be Impaled again, and Impales cannot be Called from them
Your Hex Curse Spells create a Hexed Area for 1 second if you Cast them yourself
Enemies in the Hexed Area are Hexed, and the Hex does not expire while in the Hexed Area
Hexes applied this way do not gain Doom over time
Hexes in the Hexed Area gain up to maximum Doom when the Hexed Area ends
Dexterity provides no inherent bonus to Evasion Rating
+1% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage per 15 Dexterity
Iron Will
Strength's Damage bonus applies to all Spell Damage as well
Intelligence provides no inherent bonus to Energy Shield
2% reduced Duration of Elemental Ailments on you per 15 Intelligence
Ghost Dance
Cannot Recover Energy Shield to above Evasion Rating
Every 2 seconds, gain a Ghost Shroud, up to a maximum of 3
When Hit, lose a Ghost Shroud to Recover Energy Shield equal to 3% of your Evasion Rating
Divine Shield
Cannot Recover Energy Shield to above Armour
3% of Physical Damage prevented from Hits Recently is Regenerated as Energy Shield per second
Versatile Combatant
-25% to maximum Chance to Block Attack Damage
-25% to maximum Chance to Block Spell Damage
+2% Chance to Block Spell Damage for each 1% Overcapped Chance to Block Attack Damage
Lethe Shade
Take 50% less Damage over Time if you've started taking Damage over Time in the past second
100% more Duration of Ailments on you

3.18.1 Patch Notes: Updated Impossible Escape Unique Jewels obtained prior to the 3.18.0b patch that had rolled Phase Acrobatics to instead have Acrobatics.

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