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Grand Design Keystone

Grand Design is a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill.

  • Small Atlas Passive Skills grant nothing
  • Your Maps have 1% increased Pack Size per Allocated Notable Atlas Passive Skill
  • (Atlas passive skills that are not Notable or Keystones are Small)

Flavour Text: Ignore everything but your obsession, Nomad. A mortal life is too short a season to entertain distractions.

Grand Design PoE

Wandering Path and Grand Design

Wandering Path keystone grants “Notable Atlas Passive Skills grant nothing” and “100% increased effect of Small Atlas Passive Skills”.

The following two keystones are for very advanced players who have completed their atlas trees and want to get a very specific outcome with all of their skill points.

The Wandering Path keystone increases the effect of all small passives on your Atlas Skill Tree and disables all notable passives.

The Grand Design keystone increases the monster pack size in each of your maps by an amount proportional to the number of notable passives you have allocated. However, the trade-off is that small passives have no effect.

These two keystones are very good for specialising into maximising pack size and quantity at the expense of specific league content, which is great for general magic find builds or divination card farmers.

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