Forbidden Flame Crimson Jewel - Path of Exile

Forbidden Flame Crimson Jewel

Forbidden Flame

Forbidden Flame is a unique Crimson Jewel. Jewels. Limited To: 1.

  • Allocates 1 if you have the matching modifier on Forbidden Flesh
  • Corrupted

Flavour Text: The minds of those studied utterly by the Cleansing Fire continue to think and dream and beg for silence...

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The randomly rolled Ascendancy Notable will always match the required Class; however, it may be from any Ascendancy from that Class. For example, a Raider could still allocate Master Surgeon, a Pathfinder notable passive. The Scion version allocates one of the Ascendancy class notables e.g Juggernaut; this can be used even if it's the same Class as a Notable you've already allocated, which isn't otherwise possible.

Allocating a Notable that's already allocated has no further effect, so the Forbidden jewels can't be used to "double up" on a Notable.

Forbidden Flame drops corrupted, so the Notable can't be changed with a Divine Orb.

Hidden Ascendancy Notable variant

Uber Searing Exarch can drop a variant of this item that grants one of seven hidden Ascendancy Notables instead of the regular Ascendancy Notables. This variant still requires the appropriate Class and a matching Forbidden Flesh.

  • Witch: Nine Lives
  • Shadow: Harness the Void
  • Ranger: Fury of Nature
  • Duelist: Fatal Flourish
  • Marauder: Indomitable Resolve
  • Templar: Searing Purity
  • Scion: Unleashed Potential

Item acquisition

Forbidden Flame has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. Hidden Ascendancy variant only drops from Uber Exarch.

Monster restrictions

This item can be acquired from the following monsters:

  • The Searing Exarch