Summon Phantasm - Path of Exile

Summon Phantasm summons a Phantasm minion, which uses a piercing projectile spell that deals physical damage.

Icon Name Stats Description
Summon Phantasm Icon Summon Phantasm
  • Trigger this Skill when you Consume a corpse
  • Base duration is 15 seconds
  • Maximum 10 Summoned Phantasm
  • Cast Time: 1s
  • Level Req.: 70
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Effectiveness of Added Damage: 100%
  • Damage Multiplier: 100%

1. Summon Phantasm Items

Item Category Lvl. Stats Note
Soulwrest Soulwrest warstaff 60 Trigger Level 20 Summon Phantasm Skill when you Consume a corpse Unique
  • Summon Phantasm: While wielding this staff, any time a corpse is consumed (from skills like Spirit Offering Spirit Offering or even Dominating Blow Dominating Blow), used for Raise Zombie Raise Zombie, or exploded (Cremation CremationDetonate Dead Detonate DeadVolatile Dead Volatile DeadBubonic Trail Bubonic Trail’s Death Walk), a Phantasm (as created typically by Summon Phantasm Support Summon Phantasm Support) is created, gaining the effects of any Support Gem socketed into the staff. This does not function with corpses consumed by skills linked with Spell Totem Support Spell Totem Support. These support gems do not need to be linked to confer their bonuses to the Phantasms.

The maximum number of Phantasms that can be summoned caps out at 10 naturally, however, when a Summon Phantasm Support Summon Phantasm Support gem is socketed into the staff, the gem’s phantasm count is added to the total without requiring the ‘on kill’ parameter, bringing the maximum quantity of Phantasms to 21 with a level 21 skill gem.

  • The phantasms come from a trigger effect and therefore can not be supported by Spell Echo Support Spell Echo Support. Minions that are self cast can still be supported by Spell Echo Support Spell Echo Support.

2. Summon Phantasm Build

Summon Phantasm can be supported by applicable support gems socketed in the Soulwrest Soulwrest; it is not necessary to link the sockets together.

Summon Phantasm is not a skill gem, therefore it cannot be supported by Empower Support Empower SupportEnhance Support Enhance Support, or Enlighten Support Enlighten Support.

3. Summon Phantasm from Soulwrest

Summon Phantasm from Soulwrest

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