Necropolis Map - Path of Exile

Necropolis Map

Necropolis Map is a map area. This map is based on the Church Dungeon in Act 2. Map Type: Indoors

  • Atlas Region: Valdo’s Rest
  • Atlas Linked: Death and Taxes
  • Area Level: 79
  • Map Tier: 16
  • Boss: Burtok, Conjurer of Bones

Tags: dungeon, temple, indoors_area, map, einharmaps, necropolis_area.

You can obtain this map by vendoring three Excavation Maps or three Shaped Thicket Maps.

Necropolis Map PoE

PoE challenge

Kill Burtok, Conjurer of Bones in Necropolis Map while you are affected by Bone Roil and he is Bleeding.

Path of Exile 3.13 Ritual – Kill Burtok while you are affected by Bone Roll and he is Bleeding

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Necropolis Map Boss

Burtok, Conjurer of Bones (Giant Bonestalker)

  • Creates a circular arena of bones around you at range, similar to Vaal Glacial Hammer Vaal Glacial Hammer.
  • Spawns Bonespire Talisman effect at the location of the above arena. Casts a short time after using the above skill.
  • Animate Weapon Animate Weapon
  • Spectral Throw Spectral Throw with multiple projectiles

Necropolis Map Drops

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