Soul Ascension Carnal Mitts - Path of Exile

Soul Ascension Carnal Mitts

Soul Ascension

Soul Ascension is a unique Carnal Mitts. Gloves. Evasion Rating: 90–101. Energy Shield: 19–21.

Requires Level 50, 39 Dex, 39 Int.

  • (120–150)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
  • +(17–29)% to Chaos Resistance
  • Eat a Soul when you Hit a Unique Enemy, no more than once every second
  • Lose an Eaten Soul every 3 seconds while no Unique Enemy is in your Presence
  • Maximum 50 Eaten Souls
  • lose soul eater stack every x seconds while no unique in your presence [3]

Flavour Text: Fear can be instilled by the smallest entity.

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This item grants buff stacks usually obtained from Soul Eater.

Each Soul grants 5% increased attack speed, 5% increased cast speed and 1% increased character size per stack.

Item acquisition

Soul Ascension has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.

Drops from Uber Uber Elder.

Design attribution

Soul Ascension was created in a collaboration with Zizaran as a reward for taking a prize place in the 3.18 boss kill event.

Soul Ascension Build Guide

Soul Eater is a very powerful buff, but it is usually hard to obtain in boss fights. This unique grants you the ability to gain stacks of Soul Eater when you hit a unique enemy, but also makes you lose those stacks if you aren’t near one.

Soul Ascension Appearance

Soul Ascension Appearance

Zizaran: I designed a UNIQUE ITEM in the game! - Soul Ascension

Soul Ascension is a pair of gloves designed by Zizaran.