Volley Fire Viridian Jewel - Path of Exile

Volley Fire Viridian Jewel

Volley Fire

Volley Fire is a unique Viridian Jewel. Jewels. Limited To: 1. Radius: Medium (1200).

  • (7–10)% increased Projectile Damage
  • With at least 40 Dexterity in Radius, Barrage fires an additional 6 projectiles simultaneously on the first and final attacks

Flavour Text: Lioneye's men stood at the walls, eyeing the savages that walked the beach below. With a single word, a thousand bodies, and ten thousand arrows, would litter the sands.

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It is a threshold jewel that enhances Barrage.

Mechanics and Interactions

  • The extra projectiles are fired to the side of the main projectile, allowing for a larger area of effect.
  • This causes characters to fire a total of 7 projectiles from both the first and final attack of a sequence of barrage
  • The extra projectiles are for clear speed; an enemy can only be hit once by a projectile fired on the first and final attacks.
  • The extra projectiles will not count as additional projectiles for things like Fury Valve.

Item acquisition

Volley Fire can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.


Volley Fire can be created from the following recipes:

Amount Part Description
4 The Garish Power Random jewel
10 The Eye of the Dragon Random corrupted jewel
8 Arrogance of the Vaal Random two-implicit corrupted item
4 Jack in the Box Random item
1 Singular Incubator Random item
1 The Void Random divination card set exchange