Kalandra's Touch Ring - Path of Exile

Kalandra's Touch Ring

Kalandra's Touch

Kalandra's Touch is a unique Ring. Rings.

  • Reflects your other Ring

Flavour Text: On one hand, you have a choice. On the other, you have its twin.

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If you're very lucky, you might find a special league-exclusive Unique ring at the Lake. Kalandra's Touch mirrors the effect of your other ring.

Bring your own rings to the Mist. It will magnify, distort and reflect them, providing access to previously-unattainable power on rare items.


Reflects your other Ring: Kalandra's Touch copies the modifiers of the ring equipped in the opposite ring slot.

Kalandra's Touch will not gain a socket by copying an Unset Ring, neither will it copy a gem socketed into that ring.

For bonuses that care about which ring slot (left or right) a ring is equipped in, Kalandra's Touch is considered to be equipped in the slot that it actually occupies, and those bonuses will apply or not apply as usual. The rarity of Kalandra's Touch is always considered to be unique, regardless of the ring it is copying.

Kalandra's Touch is inherently mirrored, and therefore cannot be modified. It cannot itself be anointed, even through the use of a Reflective Oil. Although, if the ring in the opposite ring slot has been anointed, Kalandra's Touch will copy that enchantment.

Item acquisition

Kalandra's Touch has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.

Rarely appears in Reflecting Mists in The Lake of Kalandra.

Reflect Rare Jewellery: Rings & Amulets

Alongside rewards from each encounter, the Lake can manifest new ways to create rare items. The Reflecting Mist will create a pair of rings or amulets, exact reflections of one other.

Reflecting Mist PoE

  • Once you reach maps, you’ll be able to itemise your Mirrored Tablets, so that they don’t have to be played immediately. They can be stored for later or traded with other players.
  • Among the many rewards you can find at the lake is a way of acquiring a new variation of rare jewellery. Some reflecting mist offers you two rings or amulets, perfect mirror copies of each other except that on each item, a set of mods is entirely negated, having a detrimental impact on your character. All of the mods on these items are scaled up to much higher values than they would normally be. You may pick only one of these items to take from the lake.
  • A rarer version of this reward can also be found that allows you to bring your own ring or amulet, distorting and reflecting it with the same crafting process. It will certainly be tempting to gamble with some of your best jewellery, to try to double the values that really matter for your build, and negate the ones you don’t care about.

In the league’s late endgame, you may bring your own rings and amulets to the Mist. It will magnify, distort and reflect them in a similar way, providing access to previously-unattainable power on rare items.

PoE Reflect Rare Jewellery

Example: Reflect a rare Ring

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