Sepulchre Map - Path of Exile

Sepulchre Map

Sepulchre Map is a map area.

  • Atlas Region: Lex Ejoris
  • Area Level: 76
  • Map Tier: 14
  • Boss: Doedre the Defiler

Tags: dungeon, indoors_area, map, delve_chest, einharmaps, mausoleum_area.

Sepulchre Map PoE

PoE challenge

Kill Doedre the Defiler in Sepulchre Map while you have five stacks of Doedre’s Suffering, Torment and Withering.

[POE 3.13] TR PF Challenge: Kill Doedre in Sepulchre Map with 5 Stacks of Debuff

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Sepulchre Map Boss

Doedre the Defiler is the map boss of Sepulchre Map. She is based on the Doedre, Darksoul boss fight of Act 9.

In the boss room Doedre will summon up to 3 Accursed Monoliths which apply debuffs to the player character and their allies, known as: Doedre’s Withering (green), Doedre’s Suffering (purple) and Doedre’s Torment (red).

While the area that led to the boss room, the Doedre’s Monoliths are cursing (similar to curse aura by using Blasphemy Support Blasphemy Support) the player character with Enfeeble Enfeeble (green), Temporal Chains Temporal Chains (purple) and Vulnerability Vulnerability (red).

Sepulchre Map Boss

Doedre the Defiler Resistance

  • 40% Cold Resistance
  • 40% Fire Resistance
  • 40% Lightning Resistance
  • 25% Chaos Resistance

Doedre the Defiler Modifiers

  • 33% reduced curse effectiveness
  • cannot be stunned for 2s after stun finished
  • etc.

Sepulchre Map Drops

Item Lvl.
The Gambler The Gambler 1
The Encroaching Darkness The Encroaching Darkness 1
The Trial The Trial 1
Her Mask Her Mask 1
The Soul The Soul 1
Two-Toned Boots 70
Two-Toned Boots 70
Might is Right Might is Right 1
No Traces No Traces 1
The Cacophony The Cacophony 1
Vermillion Ring 80

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