Eye of Innocence PoE Build, Block & Price- Citrine Amulet

Eye of Innocence Eye of Innocence is a unique Citrine Amulet. Requires Level 68. Popularity: 0.1%.

Eye of Innocence Build Stats

Name Eye of Innocence Eye of Innocence Total stats
  • +(16-24) to Strength
  • +(16-24) to Dexterity
Defense 2% of Fire Damage Leeched as Life while Ignited
  • 10% chance to Ignite
  • (50-70)% increased Damage while Ignited
  • Take 100 Fire Damage when you Ignite an Enemy
  • On hit effects: Take 100 Fire Damage when you Ignite an Enemy modifier can proc on-hit effects such as Juggernaut’s Unflinching or Vengeance Vengeance.
  • Vaal Molten Shell: Combined with The Rat Cage The Rat Cage, converting 10% of fire damage taken as physical, it will proc Vaal Molten Shell Vaal Molten Shell’s effect when you ignite an enemy.
    • This cannot cause a chain reaction of explosions if Vaal Molten Shell Vaal Molten Shell has a 100% ignite chance. It will only proc when another skill ignites an enemy.
  • Blocking: Fire damage taken also cannot be blocked, and thus cannot activate on block effects such as Aegis Aurora Aegis Aurora’s Energy Shield recovery, or Reckoning Reckoning.

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Eye of Innocence Price

In the currency trade marketplace, the price of Eye of Innocence Eye of Innocence Citrine Amulet is 3 Orbs of Fusing Orbs of Fusing, or 1.5 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb.

Eye of Innocence Price

Eye of Innocence Farming – How to get it?

Eye of Innocence Eye of Innocence can only drop from Guardian of the Phoenix in the Forge of the Phoenix Map. It cannot be chanced.

  • Location: Forge of the Phoenix Map
  • Boss: Guardian of the Phoenix


The Guardian of the Phoenix is guaranteed to drop a Fragment of the Phoenix, which is required to enter The Shaper’s Realm.

He also has a chance to drop one of the following unique items:

  • Eye of Innocence Eye of Innocence
  • Razor of the Seventh Sun Razor of the Seventh Sun


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Amulets

Citrine Amulet Unique Versions

Item Drop Level
Daresso’s Salute Daresso’s Salute 16
Eye of Innocence Eye of Innocence 68

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