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How far is PoE Nearby?

Nearby is not a specific measurement, nor is it intended to be. Using the term “nearby” indicates that and effect is limited by a radius, as opposed to globally affecting everything. The specific radius in question varies depending on the effect.

Currently the Ascendancy nodes that grant auras all have radius of 40, but this value is not yet final and might change.

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PoE Nearby Distance Example

Distance in Path of Exile is measured in units. This unit is not analogous to feet, nor meters. Most character models are in the range of 15-20 units tall.

Distance Discription
25 units The definition of “nearby” on unique item Belt of the Deceiver Belt of the Deceiver.
28 units The definition of “nearby” for Flesh and Stone Flesh and Stone and Blood and Sand Blood and Sand auras.
30 units The definition of “nearby” for the Chilling Presence notable.
35 units
  • 0% more damage from Point Blank at this range.
  • The definition of “nearby” on Redeemer-influenced body armour mod “Nearby Enemies are Blinded”
  • The definition of “nearby” on unique item Singularity Singularity.
  • The definition of “nearby” on unique item Bear’s Girdle Bear’s Girdle.
40 units The definition of “nearby” on unique item Victario’s Charity Victario’s Charity and previously for Ascendancy notables.
46 units The definition of “nearby” for War Banner War Banner and Dread Banner Dread Banner auras.
50 units The aura radius on unique item Victario’s Flight Victario’s Flight and definition of “nearby” on unique item Perquil’s Toe Perquil’s Toe.
60 units The definition of “nearby” on Ascendancy notables, and Fossil-crafted Delve League helmet suffixes.
70 units
  • The definition of the “nearby” in “while a Rare or Unique enemy is nearby” crafted modifiers.
  • Projectiles at and beyond this distance get the full 60% more damage from Far Shot.
75 units The definition of “nearby” on unique items Leer Cast Leer Cast and Dying Breath Dying Breath.
120 units The definition of “nearby” on passive keystone Conduit.

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