PoE Harvest 3.13 Changes

Harvest has returned. Instead of having to plant and manage your own Sacred Grove, you will discover portals to established gardens with multiple sets of harvests ready to go. From each pair of options, carefully weigh the encounter difficulty against the crafting outcomes before making a choice. If you can slay the monsters that spawn, you’ll be rewarded with Lifeforce that can be used to greatly improve your items.

The following is the Harvest Changes in PoE 3.13

  • Harvest has been added to the core game and has been vastly reworked. It no longer contains a garden-building component, nor a permanent garden of your own. Instead, you now have a chance to discover a portal to an established Sacred Grove in maps, which contains several different harvestable plots.
  • Each plot is presented as a pair of options. Harvesting one plot destroys the other, so choose carefully. Like previously, harvesting will cause monsters to emerge, and upon defeating the monsters you'll be able to craft your items at the Lifeforce Collector.
  • Once you have completed your first Harvest, you will be given a Horticrafting Station which can store up to 10 crafting options. You'll be able to place a copy of the Horticrafting Station in your hideout, meaning you don't have to do all your crafting in the Sacred Grove.
  • On very rare occasions, you'll be able to harvest the Heart of the Grove and fight the Avatar of the Grove.
  • The Tier 3 Seed modifier that originally doubled Lifeforce from a harvest (from the Primal Reborn monster) now instead causes crafting options to be Lucky (they will roll outcomes twice and select the rarest outcome).

1. Harvest content can only be found in maps

PoE 3.13 integrates Harvest expansion into the core game as optional side content, with a few improvements.

2. Do not need seed cache anymore

In Echoes of the Atlas, as you play through maps, rather than finding a seed cache, you’ll now encounter a portal to the Sacred Grove.

3. The garden is not yours

In PoE 3.13, it’s not your own Sacred Grove, it’s an established one that has a full complement of plants ready to harvest, fight and craft with.

4. Do not need to grow and manage gardens

Even the players who did enjoy the mechanics of growing their own garden would probably find it boring if that was something they had to do every single league.

In PoE 3.13, players do not need to grow and manage their own gardens anymore. The grove contains several pairs of harvests to choose between, each displaying the details of the fight and corresponding crafting options. You can only pick one of each pair, so carefully choose which crafting options are best for you, defeat the monsters, and use their lifeforce to perform the crafts.

In the minimap, you can locate the pairs of harvests in the Grove. If you’re strong enough to kill the monsters, each grove represents quite a lot of crafting opportunities, and you can save up to ten crafts for later use at the Horticrafting Station, which is now available in your hideout.

This is a compromise, because it keeps the exciting elements of harvest – fighting and crafting, and drops the part that got old quickly – seed management and garden planning.

PoE Harvest 3.13 Changes

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5. Oshabi fight

Occasionally, a portal to the Sacred Grove will contain the Oshabi fight. Her rewards have been rebalanced to reflect this change.

6. Lex Proxima region: Harvest Chance

  • Area has +2 chance to contain THe Sacred Grove

The Harvest branch can increase your chances of finding a Sacred Grove, increase its crafting rewards, and make it more likely that you’ll encounter Oshabi.

Lex Proxima region: Harvest

7. Harvest Returns

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