PoE Zizaran’s Maven Kill Rewards

1. Zizaran’s Maven Kill Event

Name Description
Event Echoes of the Atlas Boss Kill
Goal Kill The Maven
Mode Ritual HC SSF
Start Time January 15 (PST), 2021
End Time One month after the league starts

2. Maven Kill Rewards: Cash Prizes

The cash prize pool will be distributed by Zizaran as follows:

Name Rewards
1st Place $10,000
2nd Place $5,000
3rd Place $2,500
4th Place $1,250
5th Place $750
6th-10th Place $500
11th-15th Place $350
16th-25th Place $250
First Atziri Kill $500
First Uber Atziri Kill $2000
First Shaper Kill $1250
First Elder Kill $750
First Uber Elder Kill $2000
First Awakener Kill (8 Awakening Level) $2000
Deepest Delve $3000 (calculated one month after the league starts)
Second Deepest Delve $1500 (calculated one month after the league starts)
Third Deepest Delve $750 (calculated one month after the league starts)

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3. Maven Kill Rewards: Microtransaction Prizes

Any player who kills the Maven in Ritual HC SSF within the first month will be eligible to win the below prizes. It’s possible to win more than one per account. The number listed below is the total number of each microtransaction up for grabs.

  • 500 x 3.13 Mystery Boxes

25 players will win their choice of one of the following bundles:

  • Darkwood Armour, Darkwood Weapon, Darkwood Weapon Effect, Darkwood Aura, Darkwood Portal
  • Dragon Hunter Armour, Dragon Hunter Weapon Effect, Dragon Hunter Weapon, Dragon Hunter Aura, Dragon Hunter Portal
  • Stygian Armour, Stygian Weapon, Stygian Weapon Effect, Stygian Aura, Stygian Portal
  • Celestial Armour, Celestial Weapon Skin, Celestial Weapon Effect, Celestial Aura, Shaper Portal
  • Automaton Lightning Armour, Automaton Weapon Effect, Automaton Weapon Skin, Automaton Herald, Automaton Portal

4. Additional Rules

  1. Players who migrate from a private league to Ritual HC SSF during the event are ineligible for prizes.
  2. Placings and prize eligibility are entirely at the discretion of Grinding Gear Games.
  3. The winners of cash prizes must be able to receive a PayPal payment from Zizaran in order to be eligible to receive it.
  4. While the event being SSF reduces a lot of scope for outside help, any form of account sharing (or other breaches of the Terms of Use) will disqualify a player from receiving prizes.
  5. Grinding Gear Games Employees are not eligible for prizes.
  6. Players who have played on the Alpha realm since January 7, 2021 (when the expansion was first deployed) are not eligible for prizes.
  7. Only valid Maven kills in the Ritual HC SSF league are eligible for prizes. Dying or migrating your character out of the league doesn’t remove prize eligibility as long as the kill occurred while in the league.

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