PoE Stone of Lazhwar Nerf, Build & Price – Lapis Amulet

Stone of Lazhwar is a unique amulet. The base type is Lapis Amulet. Lapis Amulet has 5 unique versions: Stone of Lazhwar, Marylene’s Fallacy, Tear of Purity, Voice of the Storm, and Choir of the Storm. The required level is 5.
The flavor text is “You are slow, foolish and ignorant. I am not.”
It adds 20 – 30 intelligence. (12-15)% Chance to Block Spell Damage. (10-15)% increased Cast Speed. It adds 30 – 50 maximum mana.

Stone of Lazhwar Nerf

Old versions have +15% chance to Block Spell Damage. New versions have +12-15%.

Stone of Lazhwar

PoE Stone of Lazhwar Price

PoE Stone of Lazhwar Price

The price of Stone of Lazhwar Lapis Amulet is 1 Orb of Alchemy.

How to get Stone of Lazhwar – The Sinner’s Stone Prophecy

The Sinner’s Stone is a prophecy.
Objective: Kill a rare Sin Lord in one of the following locations: Act 2 – The Chamber of Sins Level 2, Act 2 – The Caverns, or Act 2 – The Ancient Pyramid.
Reward: Sin Lord will drop Stone of Lazhwar upon slaying.

Stone of Lazhwar Corrupted

There are the examples for corrupted Stone of Lazhwar:

Stone of Lazhwar Corrupted

PoE Stone of Lazhwar Build Guide

Main Skills

item Percent
Raise Spectre 18.00%
Herald of Agony 18.00%
Ball Lightning 9.00%
Storm Brand 9.00%
Bane 9.00%
Incinerate 9.00%
Raise Zombie 9.00%
Soulrend 9.00%
Firestorm 9.00%
Summon Flame Golem 9.00%
Summon Skeleton 9.00%
Vaal Summon Skeletons 9.00%

PoE Stone of Lazhwar Build


item Percent
Mace / Shield 36.00%
Staff 27.00%
Dagger / Shield 9.00%
Dual Axes 9.00%
Dual Wands 9.00%
Claw / Shield 9.00%

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