PoE Heist Changes 3.13

In Heist, players travel to the rogue harbour to hire a crew of thieves to help them plan and execute risky heists, working towards a thief’s ultimate goal – pulling off a Grand Heist.

The following is the Heist changes in PoE 3.13

  • Kurai, as well as your first Rogue's Markers, can now be found starting in Act 6.
  • Smuggler's Caches now always drop a Quest Contract if possible, in addition to an ordinary Contract.
  • Smuggler's Caches now appear less frequently, and Contracts, Blueprints and Rogue's Markers now drop less frequently.
  • All quest contracts now reward you with Rogue's Markers upon completion.
  • Kurai's second and third quest contracts now spawn more monsters during the escape.
  • The number of Rogue's Markers you get from completing contracts above level 68 has been increased. You'll now get (on average) 20% more markers from Level 83 contracts.
  • The levels at which Heist Equipment drops has been adjusted to fit the new progression.
  • Job Experience granted to Heist participants has been increased across the board to fit the lower frequency at which players will engage in them.
  • Blueprints that have been created through duplication (such as via Einhar's Blood Altar) must now be revealed again.
  • The Rogue Harbour once again acts like a town and will be populated by other players.
  • Vinderi's chance for items from Heist chests to be doubled has been reduced at all levels. It is now 14% at job level 5 (from 20%).
  • Huck now grants increased experience to players in Heists, up to 20% at job level 3.
  • Harvest rewards can no longer appear in Heists, because Harvest is a thing again.
  • Greatly increased the chance of finding Tempering and Tailoring Orbs from Blueprint rewards.
  • The experience limit on all Heists has been lowered (as in, you will hit a point at which additional monster spawns grant no experience sooner).
  • Whakano's reveal audio no longer overlaps with itself.

1. Faster

In Echoes of the Atlas, rogues level up their skills faster, markers drop with higher stack sizes and quest contracts are now dropped for you at the next smuggler’s cache as soon as that quest is available.

2. Heist contracts drop from Act Six onwards

PoE 3.13 integrates Heist expansion into the core game as optional side content, with a few improvements.

3. All progress items are tradeable

One great aspect of Heist in PoE 3.13 is that all of its progress items are tradeable, so if you’re focusing on other content, you can trade away your contracts until you’re ready to go on some Heists.

PoE Heist Changes 3.13

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4. Cannot reveal all Blueprints

In Heist, the meta for getting the most value out of the system centered around ‘splitting’ valuable blueprints and running them infinitely for massive amounts of currency. In Echoes of the Atlas, you can still split copies of Blueprints. However, the copies are no longer fully revealed, requiring you to acquire and spend reveals and markers again in order to maximise their rewards. Rewards from contracts and blueprints have also been rebalanced.

5. Lira Arthain Atlas Passive Skill: Heist skilltree

Name Stats
Rogue Marker Stack Size
  • 20% increased Stack size of Rogue's Markers found in Areas
Secret Stash
  • Areas have 10% additional chance to contain a Smuggler’s Cache
Rogue Marker Stack Size
  • 20% increased Stack size of Rogue's Markers found in Areas
Inside Job
  • Blueprints that drop in Areas have 10% chance to be fully Revealed

6. Heist Returns

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