PoE Horticrafting Station

Horticrafting Station stores a limited number of Harvest crafting options for later use. Crafting options are stored here indefinitely. Select an option and place an item in the slot to craft. Crafting options are consumed when used. You can destroy unwanted crafting options at no cost.

3.20.2c Patch Notes: The Horticrafting Station, Heist Locker and Expedition Locker are now placed in hideouts by default and can be moved but not deleted, similar to the Stash or Map Device. They will still be hidden until you have completed the relevant quest in each league.

3.19.1 Patch Notes: The Horticrafting Station now displays how much Lifeforce of each type you have available.

Horticrafting Station

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How to get Horti crafting station: 1800 lifeforce?

You need to craft it for 1800 lifeforces. This option is available after you harvest the seeds.

Get Horticrafting Station

How to use Horticrafting Station?

Right-click a Horticrafting Station then left-click a location within the Sacred Grove to place it.

Use Pylon to connect a Horticrafting Station and a Lifeforce Collector. Click Pylon's “Add Conduit” icon to connect them.

Use Horticrafting Station

You can also get Horticrafting Station back to your inventory: Control-Click to return this Horticrafting Station to your inventory. This will disconnect any attached Pylon conduits.

Store crafting option to Horticrafting Station

Open a Lifeforce Collector, and choose a crafting option, then click the left button: Send crafting option to a connected Horticrafting Station for storage.

Store crafting option

Now, you can craft items at Horticrafting Station by using the stored crafting options.

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