PoE Anointing Blighted Maps – PoE Anoint List

Oils are currency items that can drop from Blight encounters. Using them on certain items gives these items an anointment, which can modify them in various ways.

PoE Anointing Guide

The following passive skill list is all the possible anointments.

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Blighted map anointments list

This a list of anointments that can be applied to Blighted maps.

Note: input the oil name in the search box and you will get the anoint result fast.

Oil #1 Oil #2 Oil #3 Outcome
Violet Oil     +5% Monster pack size
30% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
Black Oil     +5% Monster pack size
10% chance for Blight Chests to drop an additional Reward
Clear Oil     +5% Monster pack size
10% reduced Monster Movement Speed
Golden Oil     +5% Monster pack size
25% chance for Blight Chests to drop an additional Reward
Verdant Oil     +15% Monster pack size
Crimson Oil     +5% Monster pack size
3 Blight Chests are Lucky
Amber Oil     +5% Monster pack size
20% reduced Cost of Building and Upgrading Towers
Silver Oil     +5% Monster pack size
5 Blight Chests are Lucky
Sepia Oil     +5% Monster pack size
Towers deal 20% more Damage
Teal Oil     +5% Monster pack size
2 Blight Chests are Lucky
Azure Oil     +5% Monster pack size
15% increased Experience gain
Opalescent Oil     +25% Monster pack size

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