PoE Arena Master

Arena Master’s Presence

Icon Description
PoE Arena Master You have 20% increased Damage, Attack, Cast and Movement Speed.
  • damage +20%
  • attack speed +20%
  • base movement velocity +20%
  • base cast speed +20%
  • base damage taken +20%

Raise Spectre Party-friendly

The following list are a small sample of Spectres that are compatible with parties in general since they are both useful and have a relatively low graphics load for the sake of others:

  • Rallying Cry Rallying Cry –  Ruins Hellion
  • Snow Cloak –  They of Tul found in  Tul’s Domain
  • Enduring Cry Enduring Cry –  Hairy Bonecrusher
  • Chaos  Degeneration aura –  Shaggy Monstrosity
  • Grants Frenzy Charges –  Carnage Chieftain,  Aboriginal Chieftain,  Stygian Silverback
  • Grants Power Charges –  Host Chieftain
  • Enrage (+20% Move speed, attack speed, cast speed) – Arena Master found from Drox Portals
  • Curse-specialists (see below)
  • Other (see below)

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Master of the Arena

  • +20 to Strength
  • +2 to Melee Strike Range
  • 8% increased Melee Physical Damage
  • Regenerate 1% of Life per second
  • (Affects Melee Strikes, including the Default Attack. Does not apply to Areas of Effect)

Master of the Arena is a notable passive. Anoint recipe: 1x Sepia Oil Sepia Oil + 1x Opalescent Oil Opalescent Oil + 1x Silver Oil Silver Oil

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