PoE 3.13 Item Changes & Balance Ritual

Item Balance – Path of Exile 3.13

  1. Items that appear identified or with visible variable properties in a Vendor’s window as a result of a recipe now have their properties hidden until the trade is complete. You can no longer see the modifier values change as a result of different ingredient inputs, and will just have to hope for the best (like real cooking (at least how I do it)).
  2. You can now perform the 5-for-1 recipe on items with outputs that are always corrupted (such as Talismans and Breach Rings).
  3. Maps dropped by special sources such as deterministic chests or league rewards like those found in the Azurite Mine or the Temple of Atzoatl now use your own Atlas to determine which maps to drop, and can therefore drop maps that have been raised above their base tier due to the presence of Watchstones. Maps dropped from these sources now also take into account your Favourite Map selections. If a source such as this cannot find a compatible map from your Atlas to drop (for example, due to too few maps being completed and too few watchstones being socketed for a Tier 16 map on your Atlas to drop), it will drop a random map of the correct tier instead.
  4. The Blood Altar crafted modifiers which reduce the effect of non-damaging Ailments on you now instead grant reduced effect of Shock and Chill on you.
  5. The Eternal Labyrinth enchantment for Venom Gyre Venom Gyre now grants a 25% chance to keep caught projectiles fired by using Whirling Blades Whirling Blades (from 35%). Existing items with this enchantment are unaffected.
  6. Due to a bug being fixed with the “Blight Chests are Lucky” stat from the Crimson and Teal oil Blighted Map Anoinments that causes the stat to apply to each lane, we’ve adjusted the values of these Anointments. Teal Oil Teal Oil now grants “5 Blight Chests are Lucky” and Crimson Oil Crimson Oil now grants “10 Blight Chests are Lucky”.
  7. The Blight Ring anointment that causes minions from your Scout Towers to have increased Life now instead causes your Scout Towers to produce an additional minion. Existing items with this anointment are unaffected.
  8. Imprinted Eternal Orbs can no longer be applied to Fractured items, overriding their Fractured modifiers.
  9. Samite Helmets have been renamed Samnite Helmets.

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