PoE Private League

Private League system allows players to create their own Path of Exile leagues with different mods.

Private League Mods List

Name Mods Notes
Increased Monster Damage I  Monsters deal 10% increased Damage. These mods often come in several tiers, and make monsters harder in various ways. You can add whichever combination of these various mods you desire to increase the challenge of monsters in the league.
Increased Monster Damage II  Monsters deal 20% increased Damage.
Increased Monster Life I Monsters have 20% more Life
Increased Monster Life II Monsters have 40% more Life
Increased Monster Speed I Monsters have 10% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed
Increased Monster Speed II Monsters have 20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed
Increased Monster Elemental Damage I  Monsters gain 15% of Physical Damage as extra Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage
Increased Monster Elemental Damage II  Monsters gain 30% of Physical Damage as extra Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage
Additional Monster Projectiles  Monsters fire 2 additional Projectiles
Famine Life, Mana, Energy Shield and Flasks do not refill when you go to town. In Famine leagues, your life, mana, energy shield and flasks do not refill when you go to town. This can be added alongside other mods to create the ultimate live-off-the-land league.
Reduced Player Resistances I Players have -20% to all Resistances Having a blanket resistance penalty not only makes combat harder, but also increases the difficulty of finding a set of perfect gear that meets all your resistance needs.
Reduced Player Resistances II  Players have -40% to all Resistances
No Stash  Players have no access to the Stash or Guild Stash This one’s for the true masochists. Without the ability to store items for later, characters in a No Stashes league need to live off the land with constraints that make completing Path of Exile a lot more challenging. You can parent to an SSF league to disable trade, guaranteeing that your characters are fully self-sufficient.
No Magic or Rare Items Drop  Items of Magic or Rare rarity will not drop, they can be crafted. In leagues of this type, you can only find normal and, at their usual drop rate, unique items, so you have to use every currency item you find to add mods to your gear. You’ll find yourself actually using Orbs of Transmutation, running out of Essences and treasuring every Chaos Orb for its intended purpose. Trade values of currency items will likely be extremely different in leagues like this, due to opportunity cost.
No Vending NPCs will not have the option to sell or buy. In a No Vending league, you can’t buy items from or sell items to NPCs in town. You’re still able to complete quest objectives, but can’t rely on vendor recipes or NPC shops to gear up.

There will be a selection of modifiers to choose from at no additional cost that makes the league more difficult. Once a league has started, the mods cannot be changed. This is so that players who complete difficult objectives in the league can easily demonstrate that all the mods were present at the point that it was achieved.

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Private League Cost & Prices

Name Prices
last 10 days and have 10 player cost 120 points to create
10 player 60 points
100 player 600 points
10 days 60 points
30 days 180 points
Additional mods Free

Path of Exile has already increased the Private League member limit by 1,000. This means you can purchase more player slots now and increase your Private League up to a maximum capacity of 3,000 players. GGG will continue to incrementally increase the limit every day until reach a cap of 10,000 players or if GGG hits any issues with size limits. The reason for doing this slowly is to ensure that there aren’t any technical issues that occur by having too many players in a Private League.

Additional player slots and days can be purchased at any time once the league has started.

It is not possible to extend a league further than two months.

The payment can be crowdfunded. Players invited to the league can contribute points towards the cost. Once the crowdfunding has completed, the league will be created. It is also possible to crowdfund later additions of time or player slots in the same way.

Private Server Migration & Transfer

Characters (or their entire league state) in private leagues can migrate to the parent league at any point in time, just like with regular Solo Self-Found leagues. Since Private leagues will only make the game harder this presents no fairness issues to the economies that the characters are moved into.

If the league is parented to the current challenge league and that challenge league ends, it loses its challenge league properties and becomes parented to regular Standard or Hardcore.

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