FFXIV Hunger in the Garden

Hunger in the Garden is a FFXIV Endwalker main scenario quest. Hythlodaeus is eager to find Hermes. — In-game description.

Hunger in the Garden

Level Guide Objectives
  • Quest giver: Hythlodaeus
  • Location: Elpis – Ethoseletikos Boreas – Ktisis Hyperboreia (x:13.4, y:6.3)
  • Closest Aetheryte: Poieten Oikos
  • Experience:  495,000
  • Gil:  856
  • Previous quest: A Flower upon Your Return
  • Next quest: Words without Sound
  1. Travel from easterly Boreneus to Euroneus.
  2. Speak with Hythlodaeus.
  3. Search for Hermes in the Hungering Gardens.
  4. Speak with Hythlodaeus.

Walkthrough: When looking for Hermes in the Hungering Gardens he’ll be at 26.3, 9.3.

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