How to Get Jun Missions

Jun gives missions involving tracking down members of the Immortal Syndicate.


The zones where Jun can be found will contain Immortal Syndicate activity. There will be up to three different locations of Syndicate activity in the zone. Jun will assist you in combat while encountering the Syndicate. There are four possible tasks depending on which division you are encountering.

  • Fortification: A Syndicate fort can be found. Destroy the gate and kill the Syndicate member defending it. The fort contains invulnerable sentries, healing totems that provide very large life regeneration to the Syndicate member, and continuously spawns enemies.
  • Transportation: The Syndicate will transport a cargo to another location. They will start moving once you get close to them. The mission fails if the cargo makes it to its destination.
  • Research: A sub-zone to the Syndicate Laboratory will appear. Once entered, you must kill the Syndicate member before a specified number of evidence is destroyed.
  • Intervention: The Syndicate will ambush you at an unknown location. The mission fails if you are killed or if you move very far from the spawn point.

Zones do not repeat the same type of encounter. Maps will always have a Research, Intervention, and either Fortification or Transportation as encounters.

Other Syndicate members may spawn in the middle of an encounter. They will retreat shortly after the primary Syndicate member is defeated. Once all Syndicate members are defeated (or have retreated), decide what to do with each Syndicate member.

Note: Entering a zone which spawns the Syndicate will despawn the Syndicate from the previous zone.

How to get more Jun missions

1. Jun Missions +1

Each day five new master missions (1 for each master) at will be added to the player’s accumulation after the reset at 0:00am (GMT+0) based on the tier (white, yellow, red) of the player’s last completed map. The map must be completed the day before in their own map device. Completing party-play maps from other players map devices does not count.

Jun Missions +1

2. Complete map

There is 35% chance (on average 7% per master) to have additional master mission from completing the map.

Tips: Run short maps (like  City Square Map) to gain master missions. Efficiency increases with Awakening Bonus completion. If possible, favourite the map, and manipulate watchstones to keep the map at a low red rank to optimize clearspeed.

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3. Jun Sextants

Use Prime and Awakened Sextants for chance to roll “Area contains Jun”.

Name Stats
MapAtlasContainsJunMission 3 uses remaining
Areas contain Jun

4. Master mission prophecies

A Master Seeks Help A Master Seeks Help: You will find Jun and complete her mission.

Jun mission prophecy

5. Wild Bristle Matron Bulbs

In Harvest league, harvesting Wild Bristle Matron Bulbs will allow exchanging a map for atlas missions.

  • Sacrifice a Map to gain 3 Jun Atlas Missions based on its colour.

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