PoE Einhar Guide

Einhar Guide

Einhar offers beast hunting missions, and acts as a vendor. Einhar directly assists the player in beast hunting by attacking monsters and throwing nets.

Location: The Forest Encampment, The Riverways, The Menagerie, Oriath.

Einhar can also be found in the Menagerie, where you can use captured beasts for beastcrafting. He also sells Bestiary Orbs to itemize beasts for trading.

Quests: Einhar’s Hunt, Einhar’s Menagerie

Master Location Overview Rewards
Einhar, Beastmaster Act 2 Hunt beasts with Einhar; player must weaken yellow or red beasts to be captured by Einhar’s net Access to the Menagerie, Beastcrafting recipes and components, the Bestiary


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Einhar Atlas Missions

In zones where Einhar can appear, the zone will contain special beasts, indicated by their icons. There will be 3-5 yellow beasts (Medium Difficulty) and 1-2 red beast (Hard Difficulty). Yellow beasts have 1 Bestiary mod, while red beasts have 2 Bestiary mods.

When a beast is brought to low health, Einhar will appear. He is an invulnerable NPC and attacks with ranged shots, as well as a volley of shots and bombs. He also has an aura that grants life leech and life gain on hit and kill. Einhar will throw a net at weakened beasts, capturing them and moving them to the Menagerie. Beasts cannot be killed.

Once all beasts in the zone are captured, the mission is complete and Einhar will leave the area.

To level up Einhar, capture monsters in the Bestiary:

  • Capture 5 monsters for level 2.
  • Capture 20 monsters for level 3.
  • Capture 45 monsters for level 4.
  • Capture 80 monsters for level 5.
  • Capture 120 monsters for level 6.
  • Capture 160 monsters for level 7.

Capturing monsters that have previously been captured does NOT count towards this. Players can view what they’ve already captured by opening the Challenge/Achievements Panel (default key “H”) and navigating to the “Bestiary” tab.

Einhar Zones Farming

1. Einhar Missions +1

Each day five new master missions (1 for each master) at will be added to the player’s accumulation after the reset at 0:00am (GMT+0) based on the tier (white, yellow, red) of the player’s last completed map. The map must be completed the day before in their own map device. Completing party-play maps from other players map devices does not count.

Einhar Missions +1

2. Complete map

There is 35% chance (on average 7% per master) to have additional master mission from completing the map.

Tips: Run short maps (like  City Square Map) to gain master missions. Efficiency increases with Awakening Bonus completion. If possible, favourite the map, and manipulate watchstones to keep the map at a low red rank to optimize clearspeed.

3. Einhar Sextants

Use Prime and Awakened Sextants for chance to roll “Area contains Einhar”.

Name Stats
MapAtlasContainsEinharMission__ 3 uses remaining
Areas contain Einhar

4. Master mission prophecies

A Master Seeks Help A Master Seeks Help: You will find Einhar and complete her mission.

Einhar mission prophecy

5. Wild Bristle Matron Bulbs

In Harvest league, harvesting Wild Bristle Matron Bulbs will allow exchanging a map for atlas missions.

  • Sacrifice a Map to gain 3 Einhar Atlas Missions based on its colour.

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