The Inoculated Divination Card PoE – Farming Seraphim’s Armour

The Inoculated The Inoculated is a divination card. A set of four can be exchanged for a random magic armour item with the Seraphim’s prefix.

Seraphim’s prefix: (39-42)% increased Energy Shield, (16-17)% increased Stun and Block Recovery prefix.

Outcome Amount Divination Card Drop Location
a random magic Seraphim’s Armour 5 The Inoculated The Inoculated Acid Caverns Map • Primordial Pool Map

How to get The Inoculated

1. Farming Drop Location

  • Acid Caverns Map. Atlas Region: New Vastir.
  • Primordial Pool Map. Atlas Region: Lira Arthain.

The drop rate is random.

2. Buy it from other players

The price of The Inoculated The Inoculated is about 1 Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy.

3. Stacked Deck: random divination card

A Stacked Deck Stacked Deck is a currency item that can be used to gain one random divination card.

4. The Gambler: random divination card

The Gambler The Gambler is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a random divination card.

The Inoculated

Price: ~ 1 Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy

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List of Seraphim’s Armour

Torture Cage
Fingerless Silk Gloves
Conjurer Boots
Necromancer Circlet
Vine Circlet
Satin Gloves
Silk Slippers
Ancient Spirit Shield
Arcanist Gloves
Embroidered Gloves
Steel Circlet
Satin Slippers
Fossilised Spirit Shield
Silk Gloves
Tarnished Spirit Shield
Samite Slippers
Wool Shoes
Mind Cage
Conjurer Gloves
Lunaris Circlet
Chiming Spirit Shield
Scholar Boots
Iron Circlet
Brass Spirit Shield
Ivory Spirit Shield
Harmonic Spirit Shield
Solaris Circlet
Arcanist Slippers
Walnut Spirit Shield
Bone Circlet
Thorium Spirit Shield
Samite Gloves
Wool Gloves
Bone Spirit Shield
Sorcerer Gloves
Velvet Slippers
Velvet Gloves
Yew Spirit Shield
Sorcerer Boots
Vaal Spirit Shield
Jingling Spirit Shield
Titanium Spirit Shield
Tribal Circlet
Twig Spirit Shield
Lacewood Spirit Shield
Hubris Circlet
Simple Robe
Sage’s Robe
Necromancer Silks
Cabalist Regalia
Conjurer’s Vestment
Scholar’s Robe
Silken Vest
Spidersilk Robe
Widowsilk Robe
Silken Wrap
Occultist’s Vestment
Destroyer Regalia
Silk Robe
Silken Garb
Mage’s Vestment
Savant’s Robe
Vaal Regalia

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