Gloomfang PoE Build & Price – Magma Orb, Arc

Gloomfang Gloomfang is a unique Blue Pearl Amulet. Requires Level 77. Popularity: 0.1%.

Gloomfang Build Stats

Name Gloomfang Gloomfang Total stats
  • 0.5% of Chaos Damage Leeched as Life
  • Lose (15-10) Life for each Enemy hit by your Spells
  • Lose (25-20) Life for each Enemy hit by your Attacks
Skills Chain Chain
  • Skills Chain Chain +1 times
  • Projectiles gain (15-20)% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage per Chain Chain
Mana (48-56)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate

The Lose X Life for each Enemy hit mods when used with Chaos Inoculation leads to your character dying instantly when hitting enemies, unless you have net-positive Life Gained on Hit. Life gained and life lost are additive with each other.

The modifier Projectiles gain (15-20)% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage per Chain Chain increases the damage output as the projectile chains, with each following enemy hit harder than the previous one. Note that this is the opposite behavior of the Deadeye ascendency node Ricochet, which applies the strongest hit to the first enemy it makes contact with.

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Gloomfang Price

In the PoE trade currency marketplace, the price of Gloomfang Gloomfang Blue Pearl Amulet is a Chaos Orb Chaos Orb.

Gloomfang Price

Gloomfang Farming – How to get it?

It can be only droped from Elder Guardians and cannot be chanced.

The Elder Guardians are the four bosses of The Elder. These are the four guardians: The Eradicator, The Constrictor, The Purifier, The Enslaver. Gloomfang Gloomfang can be droped from any guardian.

From PoE 3.5.0, items exclusive to the Shaper’s guardians and the Elder’s guardians now drop less frequently. Uniques exclusive to the Elder’s guardians now also drop based on map tier, with some items unable to drop until higher map tiers.

Magma Orb

Magma Orb Magma Orb is a spell, Lob a fiery orb that explodes as it hits the ground. The skill chains, releasing another fiery orb that repeats this effect.Deals (9-716) to (12-1073) Fire Damage. Chains +(1-2) Times


An arc of lightning stretches from the caster to a targeted enemy and chains on to other nearby enemies. Each time the main beam chains it will also chain to a second enemy, but that secondary arc cannot chain further.


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Amulets

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