Timetwist Moonstone Ring - Path of Exile

Timetwist Moonstone Ring


Timetwist is a unique Moonstone Ring. Rings.

Requires Level 64.

  • +(15–25) to maximum Energy Shield

  • (10–15)% increased Attack Speed
  • (10–15)% increased Cast Speed
  • +(40–45) to maximum Energy Shield
  • 15% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
  • (-20–20)% reduced Skill Effect Duration
  • Unaffected by Temporal Chains
  • (Debuffs you are Unaffected by can still be placed on you, but will not actually apply their effect)

Flavour Text: 'Even for the great Magi, time passes without relent.' - Doryani, Queen's Thaumaturgist

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Item acquisition

Timetwist is drop disabled.