Make FFXIV Gil Easy and Fast

FFXIV Gil is the currency used in the FFXIV world. This is very useful in the game, players can use FFXIV Gil to do many things, such as buying new equipment and repairing equipment. New FFXIV players always ask for a simple way to get FFXIV Gil, so we have listed some simple ways to get FFXIV Gil, as follows:

1. Quests

The quests is the lifeblood of every adventurer. He puts his first-class cabin in these harsh environments. Many tasks not only reward you gil , but also give you the choice to choose other items – many of them are alagen fragments, which can be replaced with FFXIV Gil. Please make sure to check if you can’t get the equipment in the task reward from the Marketing Committee at a cheap price!

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2. Challenge Log

When you reach level 15, you will be able to unlock the challenge log by performing the task “challenge up”. The challenge log will provide you with many small challenges, many of which have monetary rewards and are reset every week. If you complete all the challenges at level 50, the bank will have 50.000 FFXIV Gil extra money – there’s nothing to sneeze about!

3. Crafting

A constant gift. Some players just stop upgrading their handicrafts because it can be quite expensive unless you grow everything you need. But it will pay off in the end. It will be difficult to create low-level high-quality items, and other entrants will prefer them to level their handicrafts more quickly.

4. Gathering

This is obvious. All you have to do is pick up the items, almost all of them can be sold, or if you have a special production course, you can make them into items that may sell better. Make sure to do research on the Marketing Committee!

5. Converting

This often overlooked feature can bring you a lot of cash. When you fight, make or gather, the gear you wear will get spiritbond. If you reach 100%, you will be able to convert the equipment to material (after you no longer need wear, of course). Depending on the type of material you get, you can get a very good price in the market.

6. underground city

In addition to rewarding rare equipment (which means you don’t have to spend FFXIV GIL), completing the dungeon can also bring you huge profits from FFXIV Gil and rare items that can be processed. And when you reach level 50, you will also get tomes, which you can replace with crafting materials that can sell well and are very expensive!

7. Market Board

Some players make a fortune without leaving the city safe. They spend their time on the Market Board, watching prices rise and fall, buying at a low price and selling at a high price. Can you keep up?

8. Purchase FFXIV Gil directly from PVPBank

If you’re tired of making FFXIV Gil every day, buying FFXIV Gil directly from PVPBank is your best choice. PVPBank provides FFXIV Gil with multiple software packs . You can choose FFXIV Gil with different values and get Gil with low price but fast delivery.

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