Best place to get poe currency in T1-10 Map

You can get Poe currency with these tips:

“If you are on the t1-10 map, chaos’s recipe is worth your time.
A while ago, there was a good article about how to do this effectively without spending a lot of time on implicit stash management.
In short: 2 Quad tabs. One is a dump of what you are looking for. Dump all the armour and all the jewel except the chest here.
You can only pick up 1×3 weapons. Wand and dagger.
The second Quad tab is your farm. You can take advantage of their automatic arrangement when you hold down the CTRL key and click on items. They go to the top left, then down by column.
When you return from the map, store all boxes in the empty field tab, as well as all other boxes, in the box until you have 2 columns of boxes.
Then go to your dump and take out all the helmets. The 2 columns. If you don’t have enough space, continue with the map, and when you get back, dump the helmet first, and then dump everything else into the dump tab.
Repeat with glove and boot. Then there was a line of belts. Then there are three rows of weapons, one of which is a talisman, and then there are two rings. The ring will take the longest time. At this point, your dump tag will fill the next round, so you run about 5 maps and only pick up the ring. Delve can help a lot by reaching the jewel node.
Once full, you can grab 2 of everything (and 4 rings) and quickly sell them for 4C, with 48c for the entire Quad tab.
When you drag items manually through the T10 map or spend any time, the efficiency is reduced.

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