Defeat Oak the Mighty in Mesa Map while you are Taunted

  • Location: Mesa Map
  • Oak the Mighty

Defeat Oak the Mighty

Defeat tips: Oak the Mighty will use some warcry skill that’ll taunt you, so just try always to stay near the boss to gain that taunt effect then only kill the boss.

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Mesa Map

  • Map Tier: 3
  • Atlas Region: Valdo’s Rest
  • Map Level: 70
  • Area type: mountain
Region Upgrades Chart
Upgrade Level 0 1 2 3 4
Tier 3 7 10 11 14
Map Level 70 74 77 78 81
Gardens Map (Heist)
Graveyard Map (Heist)
Lighthouse Map (Heist)
Mud Geyser Map (Heist)
Primordial Blocks Map (Heist)
Wasteland Map (Heist)

Oak the Mighty

Oak the Mighty is the map boss for the Mesa Map. He is based on the unique bandit, Oak.

Resistance: Elemental.


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