Rainbowstride Prophecy – Weeping Death PoE

Weeping Death Weeping Death is a prophecy.

Outcome Ingredient Note
Rainbowstride Rainbowstride 1x Weeping Death Weeping Death Prophecy reward


Kill a rare Dripping Dead in one of the following locations:


    Dripping Dead will drop Rainbowstride Rainbowstride upon slaying.

    Weeping Death

    Price: ~ 4 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb

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    Dripping Dead

    Dripping Dead is a type of Zombie found in Act 1. In the Mud Flats where they are first seen, they can emerge from underground in a very slow ambush.


    • The Mud Flats (Act 1)
    • The Fetid Pool (Act 1)
    • The Submerged Passage (Act 1)
    • The Flooded Depths (Act 1)

    Dripping Dead

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