Sacrifice at Dawn

Sacrifice at Dawn Sacrifice at Dawn is one of four Vaal fragments.

  • Once placed in the map device, along with the other fragments, it will grant access to the The Apex of Sacrifice.
  • When put in the map device with a regular map, it adds 5% item quantity to that map.
  • If placed without a regular map, it opens a random level 69 Vaal side area.

Access The Apex of Sacrifice

Place in the correct order inside the Map Device to access The Apex of Sacrifice.

Outcome Map Fragment Order
The Apex of Sacrifice 1x Sacrifice at Dusk Sacrifice at Dusk top left
1x Sacrifice at Noon Sacrifice at Noon bottom left
1x Sacrifice at Midnight Sacrifice at Midnight top right
1x Sacrifice at Dawn Sacrifice at Dawn bottom right

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Sacrifice at Dawn Prophecy

Day of Sacrifice I is a prophecy. It is a part of Day of Sacrifice prophecy chain.

Objective: Kill a rare Vaal Fallen in one of the following locations:

  • Vaal side area
  • Act 2 – The Vaal Ruins
  • Act 7 – The Causeway
  • Map – Burial Chambers
  • The Apex of Sacrifice
  • The Alluring Abyss

Reward: The slain Vaal Fallen will drop a Sacrifice at Dawn Sacrifice at Dawn fragment.

Sacrifice fragment divination card

This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

Amount Divination Card Result Drop Areas
4 Her Mask random Sacrifice fragment Alleyways Map • Ancient City Map • Arachnid Tomb Map • Arcade Map • Arid Lake Map • Armoury Map • Ashen Wood Map • Atoll Map • Barrows Map• Beach Map • Burial Chambers Map • Cage Map • Cells Map • Channel Map • City Square Map • Courtyard Map • Cursed Crypt Map • Desert Map • Excavation Map • Fields Map • Flooded Mine Map • Glacier Map • Grotto Map • Haunted Mansion Map • Ivory Temple Map • Jungle Valley Map • Leyline Map • Lookout Map • Marshes Map • Mausoleum Map • Maze Map • Mesa Map • Mud Geyser Map • Overgrown Ruin Map • Pen Map • Peninsula Map • Phantasmagoria Map • Pier Map • Primordial Pool Map • Promenade Map • Ramparts Map • Relic Chambers Map • Spider Lair Map • Fungal Hollow Map • Strand Map • Sulphur Vents Map • Thicket Map • Crater Map • Tropical Island Map • Waste Pool Map • Wharf Map
Can drop in tier 1 to 6 maps.

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