Defeat Act 3: Dominus, Ascendant Boss

Dominus, High Templar is the final boss of act 3, located in The Upper Sceptre of God, on the Tower Rooftop (after climbing 3 or 4 staircases in the Upper Sceptre of God). Defeat Dominus Boss is a PoE challenge.

  • Location: The Upper Sceptre of God(It is connected to the Sceptre of God). This area has three levels which are connected by stairs. The lowest area is connected to The Sceptre of God, and the highest area is dedicated to the fight with Dominus.

Defeat Act 3: Dominus, Ascendant Boss

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Dominus, High Templar Abilities

Skill Effect
Lightning Stream Shoots out a straight line of rapid-fire projectiles that deal lightning damage as they pass through the player.
Lightning Fist A slow powerful strike to the ground dealing AoE lightning and physical damage.[1]
Chilling Bond Casts multiple totems linked to each other with rays that chill and deal cold damage over time.
Ground Lightning teleport Teleports to the player, leaving behind a wide streak of shocking ground between the start and end locations.
Summoning Summons melee miscreations from the devices.
Mark of Dominus Inflicts the player with “Mark of Dominus” directing miscreations to chase the player and explode.

Dominus, Ascendant Abilities

Skill Effect
Rain of Blood A rain of blood washes on the area, causing players to receive stacks of corrupted blood approximately at the rate of one stack per second. Dominus also casts a large stationary shield around him that protects from the rain.
Melee A regular melee attack.
Charge A fast charging move towards the target with a heavy blow at the end.
Grab When moving far away from Dominus, a demonic hand emerges from the ground and attempts to grab the player and teleport him back to Dominus.
Cleave Cleaves the target adding 2 stacks of corrupted blood per hit.
Blood Projectiles Shoots a volley of gory/blood projectiles in the air that land dealing physical(?) AoE damage.
Summoning Summons melee and ranged miscreations from the portals on the ground.

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