Altered Perception - Path of Exile

Altered Perception is a divination card. A set of three can be exchanged for a Simulacrum Simulacrum.

Outcome Amount Divination Card
Simulacrum Simulacrum 3 Altered Perception

Drop Level: 68.

Flavour Text: You mustn’t forget: you won’t be leaving this place.

Simulacrum Simulacrum is a map fragment. The price of a Simulacrum is about 75x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb.


Simulacrum is a map fragment. Using Simulacrum will open 6 portals to Lunacy’s Watch, The Bridge Enraptured, The Syndrome Encampment, Hysteriagate or Oriath Delusion. League mechanics: Delirium.

The arena is based on one of the town zones, which include Lioneye’s Watch (Act 6), The Bridge Encampment (Act 7), The Sarn Encampment (Act 8), Highgate (Act 4/9), or Oriath Docks (Act 0).

There are a total of 30 waves of enemies to defeat. Interacting with the Strangely Familiar Entity will summon the wave. Each wave increases the difficulty and rewards. Higher waves add additional monster modifiers and increases the level of Delirium. Once the entire wave of enemies is cleared, it will drop all the loot listed. A Stash is available in the zone, allowing you to transfer items between waves. Starting a new wave will destroy all items on the ground.

The Delirium bosses : Omniphobia, Fear Manifest can start spawning at wave 0 and is guaranteed to spawn at wave 5 if he doesn’t spawn before, while Kosis, The Revelation can start spawning at wave 5 and is guaranteed to spawn at wave 20 if he doesn’t spawn before. Delirium Bosses have increased chance to spawn starting at wave 8 and can spawn several times per Simulacrum.

Altered Perception

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