Against the Tide

Against the Tide Against the Tide is a prophecy.

Outcome Ingredient Note
Roth’s Reach Roth’s Reach 1x Against the Tide Against the Tide Prophecy reward


Kill a rare Dockhand Wraith in one of the following locations:

  • Act 3 – The Docks
  • Act 4 – The Aqueduct
  • Act 8 – The Quay
  • Map – Pier
  • Map – Shipyard


Dockhand Wraith will drop Roth’s Reach Roth’s Reach upon slaying.

Against the Tide

Price: ~ 2 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb

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Dockhand Wraith

Dockhand Wraith is a type of ghost. It has several variations which all have the same name, but are armed with different weapons.

Dockhand Wraith

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