6 Tips for Cheap PoE Currency

1. sextant
you can use them or sell them for currency in PoE. It mainly depends on the player. If you are confused about its true use, you can sell it at will. sextant is usually used for players who want more experience and value From their high-level map, they cost several chaoses depending on the quality of the sextants.

As you progress slowly in the game, you will get higher level maps. They don’t run out quickly, and you may even start to pile them up. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthose higher up and those you hate running. Depending on the map, they also cause some chaos.

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3. Uniques
You can get some valuable unique features by running a map. Check their prices and sell them if you don’t need them.

4.divination card
Some divination cards cost some chaos, some even hundreds of chaos.

5. essences

6.Atziri sets
empower/enlighten gem-Put them in your off-hand weapons slot. Level them to two or three and sell them. It may take a while to promote them, but they are valuable.

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