A Fixture of Fate

Find the four Golden Pages is the objective of A Fixture of Fate quest in Act 3.

Find the four Golden Pages

Golden Pages Location

It is in the Archives.

Golden Pages Location

The entrance to the archives is hidden, to access the area you must find “a loose candle” somewhere along the walls.

Tips: Holding the ALT key will allow the text to show, without the need to scroll over it.

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Find the Golden Pages in the Archives

Find and interact with a loose candle in the Library to open the path to the Archives. Once in the archives search for a book stand and interact with it to find a golden page. Book Stands are indicated with a quest marker on the map and are often found in each corner of the zone.

Golden Pages

Quest Complete

Quest Complete – You have delivered the four Golden Pages to Siosa in the Library.

PoE Heist Challenges 3.12: Complete A Fixture of Fate quest.

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