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Perandus Changes 3.14

  • Sources of Perandus coins have had their coin counts normalised. The selection of items sold by Cadiro has been modernised and their costs have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Vendors will no longer offer any scroll fragments in exchange for Perandus Coins.
  • Lex Ejoris atlas passives: Small Perandus nodes now grant a 10% chance to drop twice as many Perandus Coins (previously 20% increased Stack size of Perandus Coins found in Areas).
  • Decadent Incubators can no longer drop Perandus league-exclusive unique items and now drops Scarabs more often.

Perandus Atlas Passives

Atlas Region Name Stats Category
Lex Ejoris Extra Perandus Coin Chance
10% chance for Perandus Chests in Areas to drop double Perandus Coins
Lex Ejoris Prospero's Promise
Areas contain an additional Perandus Chest
Areas have 20% chance to contain Cadiro Perandus
Lex Ejoris Friend of the Family
Cadiro Perandus offers the rarest of 3 chosen Items
Cadiro Perandus' Offers cost 20% less Perandus Coins

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Perandus Coin

Perandus Coin Perandus Coin is a currency item. It can be exchanged for items with Cadiro Perandus. Cadiro Perandus appears with a certain probability in maps opened with Perandus mod of Zana’s map device. There is no other way to meet him.

PoE Perandus Coin Value

This is a non-exhaustive list of the items Cadiro Perandus can offer players as he is encountered throughout Wraeclast. Items are priced in Perandus Coins. Each offer can be accepted only once and Cadiro will leave via a portal once the transaction is complete. If the offer is declined Cadiro will remain in the area, giving the player the opportunity to fetch the required coins in their stash if they are not carried in the inventory.

Perandus Coins to Chaos: 39-68 can be exchanged for a Chaos Orb.

Perandus Coin HeadHunter: 16601-27928 Perandus Coins can be traded for a Headhunter.

Perandus Coin to Currency

Item Amount Perandus Coin Perandus Coin
Cartographer’s Chisel Cartographer’s Chisel 3-4 61-76
Chaos Orb Chaos Orb 1 39-68
Chaos Orb Chaos Orb 3 61-164
Chaos Orb Chaos Orb 5 323
Chaos Orb Chaos Orb 10 69-307
Exalted Orb Exalted Orb 1 710-2716
Harbinger’s Orb Harbinger’s Orb 1 2105
Jeweller’s Orb Jeweller’s Orb 5 4-13
Jeweller’s Orb Jeweller’s Orb 10 5-23
Jeweller’s Orb Jeweller’s Orb 20 23-56
Mirror of Kalandra Mirror of Kalandra 1 13541 – 17295
Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy 1 21-32
Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy 3 16-24
Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy 10 43-389
Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing 10 37-115
Orb of Regret Orb of Regret 10 39-114
Orb of Transmutation Orb of Transmutation 10 11
Scroll of Wisdom Scroll of Wisdom 10 6
Scroll of Wisdom Scroll of Wisdom 40 28
Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring 3 57-79
Orb of Scouring Orb of Scouring 10 177
Stacked Deck Stacked Deck 1 211-305

Perandus Coin to Rare items (unidentified)

Item Perandus Coin Perandus Coin
Cobalt Jewel 49-72
Crimson Jewel 33-80
Viridian Jewel 42-68
Agate Amulet 45-52
Amber Amulet 8-70
Coral Amulet 5-49
Citrine Amulet 44-79
Gold Amulet 23-24
Jade Amulet 52-60
Lapis Amulet 52-53
Onyx Amulet 13-71
Paua Amulet 8-50
Amethyst Ring 22-73
Coral Ring 5-23
Diamond Ring 57-146
Gold Ring 16-54
Iron Ring 2-6
Moonstone Ring 19-60
Paua Ring 12-80
Prismatic Ring 18-60
Ruby Ring 22-43
Sapphire Ring 16-23
Topaz Ring 38-78
Two-Stone Ring (ruby and sapphire) 13-68
Two-Stone Ring (ruby and topaz) 13-68
Two-Stone Ring (sapphire and topaz) 13-68
Unset Ring 19

POE Perandus Coin to Unique items

Item Perandus Coin Perandus Coin
Abyssus Abyssus 487-1213
Aegis Aurora Aegis Aurora 3720
Agnerod South Agnerod South 1250
Agnerod West Agnerod West 1268
Allelopathy Allelopathy 898
Alpha’s Howl Alpha’s Howl 3802-5297
Andvarius Andvarius 2107
Apep’s Rage Apep’s Rage 1519-1705
Astramentis Astramentis 4235-7657
Atziri’s Foible Atziri’s Foible 104
Aurseize Aurseize 437-948
Auxium Auxium 883-2552
Axiom Perpetuum Axiom Perpetuum 86
Belly of the Beast Belly of the Beast 666-1382
Berek’s Grip Berek’s Grip 3305
Berek’s Pass Berek’s Pass 2675-8968
Berek’s Respite Berek’s Respite 4614
Bino’s Kitchen Knife Bino’s Kitchen Knife 4293-7471
Black Sun Crest Black Sun Crest 1020
Blood of the Karui Blood of the Karui 1345-6173
Bloodseeker Bloodseeker 555-649
Brinerot Flag Brinerot Flag 2215-4373
Brinerot Mark Brinerot Mark 4301-4728
Brinerot Whalers Brinerot Whalers 2166-6357
Broken Faith Broken Faith 2534
Brutus’ Lead Sprinkler 704-5047
Call of the Brotherhood Call of the Brotherhood 2131-4580
Callinellus Malleus Callinellus Malleus 835
Carcass Jack Carcass Jack 3455
Cherrubim’s Maleficence Cherrubim’s Maleficence 1369
Chitus’ Apex 583-754
Clayshaper Clayshaper 527-1012
Clear Mind Clear Mind 99-361
Cloak of Defiance Cloak of Defiance 695-1508
Crest of Perandus Crest of Perandus 26-38
Crown of the Pale King Crown of the Pale King 1359-5034
Daresso’s Defiance Daresso’s Defiance 525-1215
Daresso’s Salute Daresso’s Salute 1481-6225
Death Rush Death Rush 1007-3766
Death’s Oath Death’s Oath 367-804
Dialla’s Malefaction Dialla’s Malefaction 533
Divination Distillate Divination Distillate 1748-2962
Divinarius Divinarius 3918-7737
Doedre’s Damning Doedre’s Damning 26-60
Doomsower Doomsower 965-1827
Dreamfeather Dreamfeather 1074
Dream Fragments Dream Fragments 156-205
Drillneck Drillneck 550-1091
Edge of Madness Edge of Madness 1478-6216
Emberwake Emberwake 4373-9431
Empire’s Grasp Empire’s Grasp 1029-1443
Essence Worm Essence Worm 1219-2052
Eye of Chayula Eye of Chayula 320-569
Facebreaker Facebreaker 89-312
Flesh and Spirit Flesh and Spirit 754-4121
Geofri’s Crest Geofri’s Crest 440
Geofri’s Sanctuary Geofri’s Sanctuary 1037-1241
Gifts from Above Gifts from Above 1163-5085
Goldrim Goldrim 24-62
Goldwyrm Goldwyrm 1026-1388
Great Old One’s Ward Great Old One’s Ward 1018
Greed’s Embrace Greed’s Embrace 670
Headhunter Headhunter 16601-27928
Hegemony’s Era Hegemony’s Era 7579
Hezmana’s Bloodlust Hezmana’s Bloodlust 1294
Heretic’s Veil Heretic’s Veil 1011
Hyaon’s Fury Hyaon’s Fury 1026
Ichimonji Ichimonji 426-735
Infernal Mantle Infernal Mantle 469-470
Infractem Infractem 418-939
Intuitive Leap Intuitive Leap 1437-5184
Iron Commander Iron Commander 230-746
Jorrhast’s Blacksteel Jorrhast’s Blacksteel 1303-6320
Karui Ward Karui Ward 26
Kaom’s Heart Kaom’s Heart 9650
Kaom’s Primacy Kaom’s Primacy 728-1520
Lavianga’s Spirit Lavianga’s Spirit 4659
Lifesprig Lifesprig 18-32
Lightning Coil Lightning Coil 5426-9372
Lion’s Roar Lion’s Roar 221-333
Lioneye’s Fall Lioneye’s Fall 1256-1956
Lycosidae Lycosidae 9505
Maligaro’s Restraint Maligaro’s Restraint 326-507
Maligaro’s Virtuosity Maligaro’s Virtuosity 331-453
Marohi Erqi Marohi Erqi 518-997
Meginord’s Girdle Meginord’s Girdle 85-168
Mightflay Mightflay 230
Mjölner Mjölner 5482-8827
Ming’s Heart Ming’s Heart 1710
Mokou’s Embrace Mokou’s Embrace 80
Mutewind Pennant Mutewind Pennant 3508-6094
Mutewind Seal Mutewind Seal 2792-6082
Mutewind Whispersteps Mutewind Whispersteps 658-5291
Ngamahu’s Sign Ngamahu’s Sign 2184-4833
Obliteration Obliteration 224-409
Pledge of Hands Pledge of Hands 4780
Prism Guardian Prism Guardian 1012
Rain of Splinters Rain of Splinters 247
Rainbowstride Rainbowstride 1781-2343
Rashkaldor’s Patience Rashkaldor’s Patience 438
Rathpith Globe Rathpith Globe 2540
Rat’s Nest Rat’s Nest 2572-3545
Rearguard Rearguard 333
Redblade Band Redblade Band 3943
Redblade Banner Redblade Banner 966-3098
Redblade Tramplers Redblade Tramplers 2668-4236
Repentance Repentance 1438
Romira’s Banquet Romira’s Banquet 701
Roth’s Reach Roth’s Reach 79-88
Rumi’s Concoction Rumi’s Concoction 1568-2815
Saffell’s Frame Saffell’s Frame 747-993
Scold’s Bridle Scold’s Bridle 1796-5656
Sentari’s Answer Sentari’s Answer 215-925
Sire of Shards Sire of Shards 1061-3440
Shadows and Dust Shadows and Dust 2973-4780
Shavronne’s Revelation Shavronne’s Revelation 17061
Shavronne’s Wrappings Shavronne’s Wrappings 6781
Song of the Sirens Song of the Sirens 2710
Starkonja’s Head Starkonja’s Head 2150
Stone of Lazhwar Stone of Lazhwar 83
Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa 65-175
Tasalio’s Sign Tasalio’s Sign 1107-5890
Taryn’s Shiver Taryn’s Shiver 780-1575
Taste of Hate Taste of Hate 8056-11547
Tear of Purity Tear of Purity 166
The Aylardex The Aylardex 687-964
The Blood Dance The Blood Dance 1002-1073
The Consuming Dark The Consuming Dark 2951-5809
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer 1348-4482
The Goddess Bound The Goddess Bound 21
The Gull The Gull 1429-5736
The Harvest The Harvest 4380
The Pariah The Pariah 10777
The Rat Cage The Rat Cage 1583-4931
The Searing Touch The Searing Touch 1537
The Sorrow of the Divine The Sorrow of the Divine 296-376
The Supreme Truth The Supreme Truth 1514
The Whispering Ice The Whispering Ice 1061-1976
Thief’s Torment Thief’s Torment 582-788
Thunderfist Thunderfist 842-1949
Trolltimber Spire Trolltimber Spire 2072-5023
Twyzel Twyzel 65
Vaal Caress Vaal Caress 1085-6216
Ventor’s Gamble Ventor’s Gamble 2717-5023
Victario’s Acuity Victario’s Acuity 1350-4901
Victario’s Influence Victario’s Influence 468
Void Battery Void Battery 9826
Voidbringer Voidbringer 866-1156
Voideye Voideye 665-6197
Voll’s Devotion Voll’s Devotion 15273
Voltaxic Rift Voltaxic Rift 5915-7670
Wake of Destruction Wake of Destruction 152
Wanderlust Wanderlust 11-28
Warped Timepiece Warped Timepiece 367-661
Wideswing Wideswing 42-72
Winds of Change Winds of Change 1412
Windscream Windscream 790
Windripper Windripper 8000

Perandus Coin to Maps

Item Perandus Coin Perandus Coin
Acton’s Nightmare Acton’s Nightmare 158
Caer Blaidd Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den 118
Death and Taxes Death and Taxes 184
Mao Kun Mao Kun 134
Mortal Grief 10
Mortal Hope 86-1449
Mortal Ignorance 452-629
Mortal Rage Rage 124
Oba’s Cursed Trove Oba’s Cursed Trove 100
Olmec’s Sanctum Olmec’s Sanctum 119
Poorjoy’s Asylum Poorjoy’s Asylum 109-173
Sacrifice at Noon 19
The Coward’s Trial The Coward’s Trial 138-199
The Perandus Manor The Perandus Manor 2500
Vaults of Atziri Vaults of Atziri 138
Whakawairua Tuahu Whakawairua Tuahu 102-141

How to farm Perandus Coin?

Maps opened with Perandus mod of Zana’s map device

Maps opened with a Perandus Scarab added

Item Stats
Gilded Perandus Scarab Area contains 4 additional Perandus Chests
Area contains Cadiro Perandus
Polished Perandus Scarab Area contains 3 additional Perandus Chests
Area has a 66% chance to contain Cadiro Perandus
Rusted Perandus Scarab Area contains 2 additional Perandus Chests
Area has a 33% chance to contain Cadiro Perandus

They also appear as loot in the Vaults in the Temple of Atzoatl.

They can also be obtained when raiding the Immortal Syndicate Research Safehouse while Janus Perandus is stationed there.

What can I do with Perandus coins?

Perandus Coins are used to trade with Cadiro Perandus. He will spawn on a specific unique map, Perandus Manor, or during a Betrayal Research safehouse with Janus in it. He offers one single item everytime you meet him, with a big pool of possible items he can choose from.

If the perandus coins don't work, what's the point?

The key is the point. It's used to trade goods from cadiro, which can be unique, rare, or something else. Since cadiro only provides one item when you find the perandus coin, there will be no direct "coin to orb " ratio, because finding him to provide the item you want will not be as easy as finding the person who wants it.

Essentially, the perandus coin is a reward mechanism for putting time into perandus content. At random, you will meet him and he will give you the opportunity to provide you with rewards for items you may or may not want. These items may even cost a certain amount of coins, and you have to decide whether it's worth spending on the item he provides.

So, no, I'm not worried, and you shouldn't be. The sky didn't fall. Wipe the tears off your face and enjoy the League on Friday.

Cadiro/Perandus Coins Guide

Hello everyone, we are in a flashback relationship with perandus, so you know what this means - there are 30 posts every day about people who cheat perandus coins and caderos! I know you all want to write your own articles, so here's a brief introduction to what you need to get out of the dispute page:

Make sure to write your own life story in the post. We don't want to hear only who is cheating. We also want to know what you ate for breakfast, what your life ambition is. In the fifth grade, when you called Ms. Tomlinson "Mom"

Don't forget to mention that GGG doesn't do anything to fraudsters, so we need some kind of player driven system or something to track fraudsters (please make sure there's no really useful idea here, otherwise it will invalidate your post)

Some people think they are lawyers or others, and want to see "proof" or "evidence", such as court cases, you can post an image of you trying to buy coins and cheaters leaving the area, but this is not entirely necessary

You will need someone to comment and post "wraeclast is a tough and unforgivable place" to make sure others can post "unless you're a trickster , kid, GGG will change your name to protect you!"

If you ask someone to comment on "HC won't happen, ha ha", you can earn points and start the HC vs SC comment chain

Remember, we are all very interested in learning about your experience in coin scammers, so good luck if you try to call hot!

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