WoW Classic Leveling Guide for Gold

When you first come to WoW Classic, you can forget all your leveling experience in WoW Modern. There are many key points that will be significantly different from what you’ve encountered in WoW Modern.

  • WoW Classic is not an expansion. It’s a gameIn WoW modern each new expansion brings back the process of leveling. However this process is viewed as a relatively quick transit step to max level where the “real” game begins. In WoW Classic this step won’t be nearly that quick because it was never intended to be quick. It’s a part of the game and a very significant one. It was a new game and you had a lot to discover, not just level up as quickly as you can and go raiding.
  • In WoW Modern the amount of XP required for lower levels was decreased multiple timesThis means that leveling a twink to level 60 in WoW Modern requires a lot less XP (and thus time) than leveling a char in WoW Classic. Of course this thing is one of many balance settings that can be easily adjusted by Blizzard but even if they change it I’d rather expect it to become harder, just so that WoW Classic won’t be abandoned too soon.
  • There are no XP perks in WoW ClassicNo heirlooms (appeared in patch 3.0.3 – Wrath Wrath of Lich King), no XP flasks, no Darkmoon buff (appeared in patch 5.0.5 – Mists of Pandaria).
  • Moving around takes more time in WoW ClassicYou’ll get your first mount at level 40 and it’s the 60% one! The 100% one is available only at max level. Learning the skill and obtaining the mounts cost a fortune!
  • There were many questing optimizations in WoW ModernYou picked up a quest – you need to actually read it. No other way to find out where you should go and what you should do. There was a great addon – Quest Helper – but we don’t know if it works in WoW Classic (as a programmer I’d bet that it won’t), or if anyone will care to rewrite it or make a new one.You wanna do a bunch of quests in a dungeon? You need to travel all around Azeroth to get them – and then once again – to end them. No quest givers at dungeon’s entrance.There is no zone scaling. Are you becoming overleveled for your current zone? Complete it, even if gaining fewer XP than you could, or take the risk and venture to another location… only to find that you didn’t do the prequests for it.
  • No group findersIf you’re up to any group content (from questing to raiding) you have to spend time to find or assemble a group. And the only means to do it is the chat. Even after you’ve formed a group you have to physically get to the dungeon (at least two of you).
  • Many utility side-trips (and remember, moving around is slow)New level? New skills! New trip to the city to learn them (if you have sufficient wow gold classic paypal).Your bags are 50% smaller that you’re used to (16 + 14*4 = 72 vs 16 + 32*4 = 144). And these are the top ones, that you won’t probably get fast.There are no mounts with vendors for you to sell junk/repair wherever you like.
  • Leveling professions requires a lot of different matsLeveling a profession in WoW Classic is like leveling it in 3-4 expansions combined. Many different types of mats, no gold to buy them, and really not much mats on AH.
  • Skills require gold. While each individual skill may cost not much, the combined sum is something you could actually use in your goblin life.

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What is the fastest Level in World of Warcraft classic?

Warlock. Specifically, it’s a pain Warlock. You not only have a built-in water tank, but also the ability to discharge multiple organisms at a time. Since a large number of level challenges are killing the troll, you can assign the entire group within one or two classes that the other classes need. Once you have the first wand, you will be unstoppable.

The mage is the fastest. The ice mage jockerd now has 60 world classics. Mage is the strongest profession in the whole and the fastest level master so far. The first player in the world has done this through AOE farming, which no other mage in any class can do. They can also finish the work of AOE grinding dungeons in just a few minutes, and make their experience value per hour higher than any other profession .

No level is even close to the mage’s upgrade speed.

Is level upgrade faster in dungeons or World of Warcraft classic missions?

From XP’s point of view, leveling and grinding monsters is much more effective than interlocking dungeons.

That said, running the dungeon is very important in the leveling process. With the improvement of character level, your equipment also needs to be adjusted, and the best way is to operate by 5 people. There are also a number of tasks that you can perform in these dungeons, and from the perspective of XP and items, these tasks are profitable.

My personal system is to get rid of the dungeons as soon as I have enough demand for them. I just finished a ZF run and won eight missions. There are six tasks in my st log. Once I’ve run and completed the dungeon mission, I’ll go back to the mission.

Now I’d like to say that this change has changed since I was 56 or 57 years old, and it’s really beneficial to start spamming the highest level underground. BRD, scholo, strat, lbrs, UBRS, etc. You need to start with the ultimate gear, and it’s hard to reach tasks within that level. This is also a good time to start tuning MC and ony.

What skills do you have for leveling warriors in World of Warcraft classic?

Dungeons. The fastest experience is in a dungeon. The best equipment in the dungeon has fallen. The best vendors feed into the dungeon.

The problem with dungeons is grouping. Grouping can be realized by being active in the guild or by sitting in one of the big cities. I am an active guild organization (more than 100 members, at least 20-30 members are always online), so far, I only get one guild group. This is because there are level differences even among many members.

It’s easiest to get together in the city, but obviously you don’t make progress sitting in the city. If you lose half an hour to group, it will take 15 minutes to finish running there and 15 minutes to come back after that. That hour’s Dungeon actually takes two hours. Even so, running dungeons can still give you a faster experience, but it may not be as fast as you think.

But the best way to collect dungeon magic is to have a dedicated team that will work together to get everyone through. Even if the game only played for four days, those types of games are over 40 years old. But as you ask here, I guess you don’t have any available features. No problem. Using the methods I have pointed out, you will do well.

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