The Unshattered Will Archon Kite Shield - Path of Exile

The Unshattered Will Archon Kite Shield

The Unshattered Will

The Unshattered Will is a unique Archon Kite Shield. Shields. Chance to Block: 22. Armour: 156–179. Energy Shield: 32–37. Movement Speed: -3%.

Requires Level 68, 85 Str, 85 Int.

  • +12% to all Elemental Resistances

  • Grants Summon Harbinger of Focus Skill
  • +(60–80) to maximum Life
  • +(10–15)% to all Elemental Resistances
  • (30–50) Mana gained when you Block
  • +5% Chance to Block
  • Channelling Skills deal (50–70)% increased Damage

Flavour Text:

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Grants Summon Harbinger of Focus Skill: Summons an immortal Harbinger minion. The minion will occasionally apply "The Unshattered Will" on the player character while the player character is channeling. "The Unshattered Will" is a buff that lasts 4 seconds, with a cooldown of 8 seconds, and grants the following benefits:

  • Immunity to status ailments
  • Stun immunity
  • 20% damage reduction


  • Summon Harbinger of Focus

Summon Harbinger of Focus is a spell that summons an allied Harbinger minion. The skill is only available through The Unshattered Will.

Name Summon Harbinger of Focus
Skill Id SummonHarbingerOfFocus
Cast Time 1.00 sec
Level Req. 1
Attack Speed 100% of base
Attack Damage 100% of base
Effectiveness of Added Damage 100%
Stored Uses 1
Cooldown 6.00 sec
Summons an immortal Harbinger minion. While you are channelling, the minion will occasionally cast a buff on you that reduces the Damage you take, and makes you avoid all Stuns and Ailments.
Maximum 1 Summoned Harbinger

Item acquisition

The Unshattered Will has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.


The Unshattered Will can be created from the following recipes:

Amount Part
1 First Piece of Focus
1 Second Piece of Focus
1 Third Piece of Focus
1 Fourth Piece of Focus

Usage in recipes

The Unshattered Will is used in the following recipes:

Result Amount Part
The Immortal Will 1 The Unshattered Will
1 Specularity Scroll

When the last piece is placed, they will all vanish, and the player will be left with the forged item.