The Hollow-Eyed Skull Emberstone Stalker Sentinel - Path of Exile

The Hollow-Eyed Skull Emberstone Stalker Sentinel

The Hollow-Eyed Skull

The Hollow-Eyed Skull is a unique Emberstone Stalker Sentinel. Sentinel. Duration: 50 seconds. Empowers: 75 enemies. Empowerment: 28. Charge: 10/10.

Requires Level 80.

  • When a Character Kills an Empowered Rare Monster,
    they gain its Modifiers for 20 seconds

Flavour Text: Destruction incarnate leaves a bitter aftertaste as one soul is imbued with remnants of another, and the earth is salted by rivers of blood.

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The Sentinel Controller notable that grants Stalker Sentinels do not Empower Normal rarity enemies is highly recommended when using this Sentinel as its effects do not apply to empowered normal, magic, or Unique enemies, causing targets to be wasted.

See also:

  • Headhunter

Item acquisition

The Hollow-Eyed Skull is drop disabled.