Medved, Feller of Heroes

There are four bosses in the expedition league: (Medved, Feller of Heroes), (Vorana, Last to Fall), (Uhtred, Covetous Traitor), and (Olroth, Origin of the Fall).

Sometimes, you can find one of them in an Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook. The following is the boss icon in the logbook.

Name Icon & Symbols
Expedition Boss

Here is an example of the boss icon. You must circle the boss into your explosive range.

Expedition Boss Location

1. Medved, Feller of Heroes Location

Location: Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook(Druids of the Broken Circle)

Bosses Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook Bosses Spawn Search NPC Faction Name Icon Artifacts Drops Drops
Medved, Feller of Heroes
Min Level: 68

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  • Stat Filters: Area contains an Expedition Boss (#)
  • Change "Any" to "Medved, Feller of Heroes"
Gwennen Druids of the Broken Circle Druids of the Broken Circle Lesser Broken Circle Artifact Lesser Broken Circle Artifact
Common Broken Circle Artifact Common Broken Circle Artifact
Greater Broken Circle Artifact Greater Broken Circle Artifact
Grand Broken Circle Artifact Grand Broken Circle Artifact
Astragali Astragali
Elixir of the Unbroken Circle
Iron Flask

Medved, Feller of Heroes Location

Warning: if your aim is to kill the Medved boss, it is recommended that don't put Remnant Mods before the boss, because the boss will inherit all the Mods before him. In that way, the boss is too strong to kill.

According to your builds, you should avoid one of the below mods. For example, if your main DPS is cold damage, you must avoid "Monsters are Immune to Cold Damage". In case you have selected, the monsters will be unkillable.

  • Monsters are Immune to Physical Damage
  • Monsters are Immune to Cold Damage
  • Monsters are Immune to Fire Damage
  • Monsters are Immune to Lightning Damage
  • Monsters are Immune to Chaos Damage

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2. Medved Fight Guide

Medved, Feller of Heroes is a boss that can only appear inside Expedition Logbook areas with zone level 68+ marked with Druids of the Broken Circle.

Medved, Feller of Heroes


  • Leap Slam: jumps in the air and lands with an AOE impact.
  • Cleave: frontal swipe with one of his axes at a slight angle.
  • Combo Attack: swipes once with each axe while travelling in a line then attacking with both weapons.
  • Boulder Toss: lunges forward while throwing a stone in a line
  • Summon Cultist: At 75/50/25% Life, summons an add that will tether to Medved. Voiceline "Aid me"
  • Summon Arachnid Familiar: Summons several weak spider adds. Voiceline "Swarm"
Resistance(s) 50% Fire
50% Cold
50% Lightning
30% Chaos
Modifier(s) Gain base Ward equal to 5% of Maximum Life; no Energy Shield


Level Name Experience Damage Attack Time Ally Life Armour Evasion Energy Shield Resists Fire Resists Cold Resists Lightning Resists Chaos
84 Medved, Feller of Heroes 57505 5719.2 1.5 121902 24398 8548 0 50 50 50 30

Path of Exile: Expedition challenge: Defeat the Medved, Feller of Heroes boss.

3. PoE Challenge: Defeat Medved Conditionally (4)

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Defeat Medved, Feller of Heroes while you are Poisoned.
  • Defeat Medved, Feller of Heroes after he has summoned Arachnid Familiars at least five times.
  • Defeat Medved, Feller of Heroes after defeating all three summoned Cultists within five seconds of the first Cultist's death.
  • Defeat Medved, Feller of Heroes without defeating any summoned Cultists.

4. Changes

PoE 3.15.0d: Fixed a bug where Medved, Feller of Heroes could deal damage after death.

Medved’s Challenge

Medved’s Challenge Medved’s Challenge is a Runic Gauntlets. The type is Gloves.

Requires Level 69, 38 Str, 38 Dex, 38 Int. Ward: 118.

  • 800% increased Attribute Requirements
  • (30–50)% increased Ward
  • +(15–25)% to all Elemental Resistances
  • 80% less Flask Charges gained from Kills
  • Flasks gain 1 Charge per second if you’ve Hit a Unique Enemy Recently
  • (Attributes are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence)
  • (Recently refers to the past 4 seconds)

Flavour text: For forty-two nights, the Feller of Heroes challenged
the next greatest warrior to a one-on-one duel.
None could match his might.

Medved's Challenge PoE

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